Alex choi net worth: cars & career


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Jnr Choi net worth :

Jnr Choi net worth was approximately $60000.

Jnr Choi Income:

According lớn Youtubers Income’s website, Jnr Choi income was Approximately $1000 per month.

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Jnr Choi Youtube channel:

Jnr Choi youtube channel had uploaded more than 10+ videos and gained more than 60,000 subscribers.And his YouTube channel was started on 24 January 2020.

Who is Jnr Choi?

Jnr Choi was born in Gambia & moved to lớn London, where he pursued a career in modelling và also began rapping after a friend suggested the idea to lớn him, JNR Choi collaborated with the producer Parked Up in August 2021, who sent him a beat. Jnr Choi wrote the lyrics for it và “sent it back the next day completely finished”.

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Jnr Choi Net worth:

Jnr Choi Net worth was approximately $60000. This is an approximation.

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Jnr Choi Salary:

Jnr Choi salary was approximately 75,000 per month only from YouTube. This is not an exact amount. This is only an approximation.

Jnr Choi income in Indian Rupees :

Jnr Choi Income in indian Rupees was approximately 75,000 per month.

Jnr Choi Featured on Browseng

Jnr choi net worth
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