Ten years ago, apple's iphone 3g brought speed and apps to the smartphone


Ok, I know this isn"t a "fix-it" type question, but I think it fits in with the general philosophy. I unlocked my wife"s old iPhone 3G, thinking that I"ll give it more life & finally join the smartphone world, only lớn find that almost all the apps in Apple"s tiện ích store have been upgraded to ios 4.3 or 5. Still, I"m sure there are apps that will địa chỉ value to this phone, yet there is no way to tìm kiếm for them by supported OS version in the store. Is there any kind of Wiki or other database that keeps track of currently workable apps for older iPhones available at the tiện ích store?

Thanks guys. I actually have ios 4.21 on the 3g so even fewer apps are compatible, though I did find a useful tide-table phầm mềm that works. But you are right the phone itself works well, texts easily, & actually allows me to check my messages without cussing. Plus no contract. Thanks for your answers.

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I think its really bullshit that most iphone 3gs users are left out in the dark when they update the os software, that developers have no consideration for the rest of us. We built this iphone empire with all the iphones purchased since the first model. Táo apple should build a update for the iphone 3gs because most people can not afford to go out & buy a new iphone every time they come out. Jailbreaking iphones void the warranty, its lượt thích apple wants this on purpose. What is up with this? táo apple being a valued company should care even about its customers that have bought apps,iphones ,ipods , computers , labtops , ipads , even if not a substantial amount every customer should have value when you leave customers behind they stray away and buy other products. From a valued táo apple customer, Cali


The iPhone 3GS, in point of fact, runs the latest available version of quả táo (6.1.3) & nearly every ứng dụng in the app Store apart from ones that the *developer* has chose not khổng lồ make compatible with the hardware because it needs more RAM, processor or graphics power than the 3GS provides.

Typically, when the tiện ích ios upgrades the developers of the apps are forced to upgrade their tiện ích software lớn be compatible with the newest version.

So you won"t find any apps in the tiện ích store that are compatible with game ios 4.3

You can kiểm tra what software the app needs in the app store under the picture of the app và the price

It will say category & under that will be a title that says requirements.

That will tell you if any apps are compatible with your iphone. Most likely you will not find any.

It doesn"t mean you don"t have a good iphone though. It"s still a great mp3 player và camera as well as a decent internet surfing device. If you"re fine without the apps you can still enjoy it.

Here is a không tính phí tool that will let you search the iTunes store for apps which are compatible with the iPhone 3G running ios 4.2.1


You can try this I just got it to work on an iphone the other day và makes it possible lớn get old apps to lớn work again


You can jailbreak as well, edit the coding khổng lồ match a 6.0 firmware although be careful coding is a big deal, if you don"t know what you"re doing of course.

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I have an iPhone 3G and had lớn restore factory settings as it wasn"t working properly. I now can"t use most of the apps that I was using quite happily before the restore. You say that ios 6 can be installed on 3G phones but my phone won"t install anything beyond 4.2.1 so how vị I install a later version so that I can use the apps that I paid good money for?

Hi I understand what you are going threw I have a iphone 3g and I have found some apps that still work and right now it"s 2015...

1. Flick foot lite

2. The impossible lite

3. Blip solitaire

4. Boot camp

5. League evil lite

6. Tiki không lấy phí HD

7. X-motor

I have found people on youtube and I just searched there apps these are the ones I have found so far I hope this helped you ☺

http://ios-compatible.com/ - if you need khổng lồ just find some good old apps & games that are still working, và not sort through millions of dead store pages. Pick iOS4 for iPhone 3G.

I agree..... Táo bị cắn should make developers retain compatibility with 4.2.1 - if it was dveloped & distributed for 4.2.1 then it should stay that way... !!

Thank you muchly Mackerm..... This utility is most handy and your contribution is very much appreciated

Larry Entwistle, could you vì chưng me a favor? I am trying khổng lồ research thios a bit but bởi not have any access to lớn older apps. Could you follow these instructions:

1. Locate an phầm mềm in your filesystem, usually an itunes thư mục with all your apps.

2. Rename the IPA to ZIP

3. Xuất hiện the zip folder, locate info.plist

4. Open info.plist using a text editor, and post that text as a comment on here or thư điện tử it to lớn me? My e-mail address is in my profile. It would really help to lớn may be resolve some of this. Thank you

I would suggest Redsn0w+Cydia=Jailbreak.

You can"t login khổng lồ the tiện ích store anymore but there are games và tweaks and themes on Cydia.

You may even find a tweak that allows you to lớn login to lớn the app Store.

Try Whited00r 7


Let me know how you like it I think it is amazing

it jailbreaks and gives you ios 7

before installing make sure you are running tiện ích ios 3.1.3 or 3.1.2 so it will work

well, if people can download jailbreak apps without jailbreaking i think lot of people not go the jailbreak. They say AppZule Store is allow you to download those kind of không tính tiền jailbreaking app. Anyone in here who used it?

Jailbreak apps are mostly dead now as táo bị cắn has locked them out. One of the problems they have is they are very easy to lớn be altered so people can be spied on! So be careful on what you write as your information could be being accessed!

Given the limitations of the cellular bands the phone uses you"ll find it won"t work on some carriers networks. As much as I lượt thích people to hold onto older devices there is a point the wave of change is just too strong ;-{

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