Assassin's creed iii remastered

Relive sầu the American Revolution or experience it for the first time in Assassin"s Creed(R) III Remastered, with enhanced graphics & improved gameplay mechanics. Plus, Assassin"s Creed(R) III Liberation Remastered and all solo DLC nội dung are included.

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Fight for Freedom

1775. The American Colonies are about khổng lồ revolt. As Connor, a Native sầu American Assassin, secure liberty for your people and your nation. From bustling đô thị streets to the chaotic battlefields, assassinate your foes in a variety of deadly ways with a vast array of weaponry.

A New Visual và Gameplay Experience

Play the iconic Assassin"s Creed III with enhanced graphics, now featuring 4K resolution, new character models, polished environment rendering & more. The gameplay mechanics have been revamped as well, improving your experience & your immersion.

Additionnal Content

All the original solo DLC, including The Tyranny of King Washington, và the entire game Assassin"s Creed Liberation Remastered are included in the game.

Q: My question is about the newly remastered Assasins Creed 3 for PS4. Does this game have a multiplayer game mode lượt thích the original?

Q: Are the controls also remastered? By that I mean are the controls like Assassin"s Creed Origins và Odyssey?

Your better off playing the original version. The remastered has way too many glitches & can make certain main and side missions very annoying.
If your just in it for the story line & not 100% campaign, then you might enjoy it. But the objectives given in the game on the remastered version doesn"t match the capabilities of the game due to lớn glitches & guards seeing you through walls, unable khổng lồ properly parkour, evade, or prekhung simple movements without the game improvising for itself. Didn"t feel I had control of the character due lớn the controller mechanics being extremely glitchy. Worst AC game for me as of today.

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Originally played this game on the PS3 and still love it. It"s by far my favorite AC game. Playing through this version of the game brought bachồng so many nostalgic memories. Even though I love the game, the remastered version for the PS4 is a lazy remaster. There were many times throughout the where the PS3 version looks a lot better. The gameplay is great but if you still have sầu a PS3 laying around go pick it up on PS3 which is a lot cheaper as well.
The game is horrible, worst remaster I have sầu ever played, enemy respawn way khổng lồ quickly. Assassin"s Creed Odyssey is 10,000 times better than this piece of garbage.
It was pretty good, I"m still playing it right now that"s why I so far only rated it a three I"m not even halfway through yet and I"m sure it"s going khổng lồ be really good lượt thích the rest of them...
Not good, worst of all the the assassins creed games. The main character is just angsty và monotone the whole time — skip it & play blaông xã flag, origins, or odyssey
Do your retìm kiếm online first this game has too many glitches that you can’t even progress thru. Will be returning it today due khổng lồ can’t progress from the glitches that the developer has known about it seems for years
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