Asus expertbook b9450 review: an ultralight with ultralong battery life

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The Bottom Line

A record-setting battery-life trùm cuối, the Asus ExpertBook B9450 is a super-light "Project Athena" business máy tính xách tay with loads of handy connectivity. You can find speedier and better-built laptops, but it's a great choice for long-haul travelers.

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Super-light kiến thiết.Astounding battery life of more than 24 hours video playbaông chồng.Angled keyboard is comfortable for typing.LED number pad built inkhổng lồ touchpad.2TB of SSD storage.


Heavy-duty users will want a peppier CPU.A lot of chassis flex in & around the touchpad.Finicky calculator activation button.

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For many business travelers, portability is king. Enter the Hãng Asus ExpertBook B9450 (starts at $1,699; $1,799 as tested), a super-portable business máy vi tính that weighs just 1.91 pounds. This makes it the lighdemo 14-inch commercial máy tính xách tay, an appealing draw on its own. But its superpower is astounding battery life, which hit 30 hours on our video-playbaông xã rundown kiểm tra, a new PC Labs record. Atop these twin charms, it features a whopping 2TB of SSD storage, a comfy angled keyboard, và more ports than you"d expect. Though the ExpertBook sets two records, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 remains our Editors" Choice for its superior build, while the HPhường Elite Dragonfly is our pichồng for 2-in-1s. Shoppers with demanding workloads should consider a more potent machine, but this svào effort from Asus is a major contender for portability-first shoppers.

A Professional Travel Partner

A major contributor to the ExpertBook"s extreme light weight is the material used for its chassis, a magnesium lithium alloy. It feels high-quality lớn the touch, certainly better than plastic, but is much lighter than the typical metals used in most mainstream ultraportables. The whole chassis is painted an attractive navy blue with some sparkling metallic flecks, which adds a bit of style for a business máy vi tính.


While the ExpertBook"s weight may be the biggest physical bullet point, it"s not the only aspect of the design that makes it extra portable. The whole máy tính is quite compact and thin, even with its 14-inch screen; on kích cỡ, the chassis rivals many ultraportables with 13-inch panels. It measures 0.5 by 12.59 by 8.6 inches (HWD), easy to slip inlớn any working space or bag with ease.

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