How to play league of legends new auto


Riot’s League of Legends spin on the autobattle genre is out in the wild, here’s how khổng lồ log on và play


How do you play Teamfight Tactics? Riot’s League of Legends is the latest MOBA trò chơi to get a Dota tự động Chess spin-off, và you can download it now. It’s still early into its life-cycle, though, & new modes are coming out. So expect some early và swift changes in the meta.

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If you’re a tín đồ of League of Legends but are new khổng lồ the autobattle genre, it can appear a bit confusing at first. Teamfight Tactics pits you against seven other players, though you’ll only face one at a time. At the start of each round, you’ll pick a League of Legends Champion from a pool of five that rotates every round. You’ll place these Champions on your side of the board lớn fight your opponent. When the round begins, your Champion will either teleport to lớn an enemy’s board, or their Champion will come to yours. After that, the Champions will fight each other.

If you win the matchup, which depends upon how your Champion’s stats matchup against your opponent’s Champion, you’ll khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage to lớn your opponents Little Legend. Each Little Legend has 100 points of health, and it’s game over for you if yours hits zero. Sound lượt thích your kind of thing? Read on khổng lồ find out how lớn play Teamfight Tactics.

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How lớn play Teamfight Tactics

Riot’s Teamfight Tactics is now a permanent fixture in League of Legends. Long gone are the days of playing it on the closed beta, which proved to lớn be a bit of a faff as you needed an trương mục with Honour level Three. In short, getting that rank takes ages. Even if you did have an account, players reported queue times of up to four hours.

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While Riot is still getting used to the surge of popularity, và queue times are sometimes extended because of it, TFT is now available khổng lồ everyone. So get your TFT recipes cheat sheets at the ready, & study up on the best Teamfight Tactics comps. All you have to vị is jump into the League of Legends client and click play, PvP, and then Teamfight Tactics.

And there you go, how lớn play Teamfight Tactics. It looks as though it will require a bit of effort in the short term, but, on the bright side, you shouldn’t be waiting for long if you can’t get access khổng lồ a PBE account.

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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

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