Bản cập nhật 10.16


Use Software Update khổng lồ install updates và upgrades for macOS and its built-in apps, including Safari.

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Before installing new software, it"s a good idea toback up your Mac.

To kiểm tra for new software, mở cửa Software Update. It"s in System Settings (or System Preferences), which you can mở cửa from the táo menu in the corner of your screen:

Choose táo khuyết menu  > System Settings. Click General on the left side of the System Settings window, then click Software Update on the right.Or choose táo bị cắn menu  > System Preferences, then click Software Update.

If Software Update finds new software, click the button khổng lồ install it, then enter your administrator password when prompted.During installation, your Mac might show a progress bar or blank screen several times, và you should avoid putting it to lớn sleep or closing its lid.

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If Software Update says that your Mac is up khổng lồ date, then no new software is currently available for your Mac model. Software Update shows only software that is compatible with your Mac.

If you don"t see Software Update

If you don"t see an thành phầm named Software Update in System Settings or System Preferences, click the Spotlight icon

in the corner of your screen, then type System Update in the search field. From the tìm kiếm results, choose Software Update.

If your older Mac doesn"t include Software Update, use the phầm mềm Store phầm mềm instead. It"s in your Applications folder. Click the Updates tab in the ứng dụng Store to kiểm tra for updates, or tìm kiếm for software by name.

If you need help

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An update is a newer version of the currently installed macOS, such as an update from macOS Monterey 12.5 lớn macOSMonterey 12.6. An nâng cấp is a major new version of macOS with new name, such as an tăng cấp from macOS Monterey lớn macOS Ventura. If an update or upgrade isn"t compatible with your Mac, it won"t appear in Software Update.

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