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One Piece: How Hawkins' quality Devil Fruit Powers Work Basil Hawkins has some of the most interesting Devil Fruit powers in all of One Piece. Here"s how they work.

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basil hawkins' devil fruit from one piece
One Piece"s Devil Fruits give those that consume them many different powers, from the logical to lớn the strange. However, one of the most fascinating Devil Fruit powers belongs to Basil Hawkins, as his powers have some very quality uses & extremely interesting downsides.

Basil Hawkins is an infamous pirate who is nicknamed "The Magician," & one of the 12 pirates who 3d the Worst Generation. Hawkins is enigmatic và rarely shows emotion, even when confronted with stunning situations. This is reflected in his no-nonsense attitude, including his hatred of jokes and unruly behavior. First appearing during Chapter #498 of the manga & Episode 392 of the anime, Hawkins is an antagonist during the Wano Country Arc.

Basil Hawkins with his straw dolls
Hawkins" Devil Fruit is the Straw-Straw Fruit. This Paramecia-type Devil Fruit gives the user the ability khổng lồ create và manipulate straw at will. While on the surface, this may seem lượt thích an extremely niche power, it can be used lớn pull off several impressive tricks. At the basic level, the straw the user creates can be used khổng lồ hold objects such as a sharp, dart-like weapon. It can also be thrown in someone"s face khổng lồ act as a distraction.

However, this isn"t where Hawkins" powers end. Using the Strawman skill, he can ảo diệu to ten straw dolls and store them within himself. Each of these dolls is linked khổng lồ a specific person, và by using the Life Minus technique, Hawkins can redirect incoming damage, forcing one of the dolls, and thus the person linked lớn it, to take the pain for him. This nguồn allows Hawkins lớn fight without worry, but he can also use his foes" friends and loved ones as bargaining chips in battle, forcing enemies lớn lay down their arms or harm a friend.

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Hawkins can also use the straw to lớn power himself up. By using the Demon Face skill, he can coat himself in a thick layer of straw, turning him into a scarecrow monster with long metal nails. Alternatively, he can use Straw Sword khổng lồ wrap his sword in straw, making it a more powerful weapon.

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Basil Hawkins using Straw Man's Card
Hawkins can also use a technique called Straw Man"s Card. This allows him to lớn combine his magic with his straw powers by forming a massive straw monster that copies Hawkins" movements exactly, but with massively increased strength. However, this quái dị is affected by the tarot cards Hawkins draws. So, while The Fool, Reversed causes people linked khổng lồ Hawkins khổng lồ attack each other, The Hierophant will cause the target khổng lồ escape from the monster, obviously putting Hawkins at a disadvantage.

Despite his powers, Hawkins is far from invincible. The straw created by his ability isn"t very durable, so many people, including Roronoa Zoro, can easily cut through it. Moreover, while the straw dolls are powerful, Hawkins can only carry ten at a time and each can only be used only once, meaning that he has lớn think carefully, as a ruthless opponent with no care for allies can quickly tear through them và damage Hawkins. Furthermore, the dolls work both ways, so if the person linked to the straw doll is hurt, their doll gets destroyed.

This means that people targeted by Basil can remove his defenses by giving themselves minor injuries. Finally, the Straw-Straw fruit isn"t a Logia-type Devil Fruit, meaning the user can"t turn themselves into straw. This means that Hawkins can"t avoid physical attacks easily -- someone who can attack quickly can easily sạc him down & easily destroy all of his dolls.

Hawkins" powers are some of the most fascinating in the entire One Piece universe because they xuất hiện up so many different approaches to lớn combat, from the simple khổng lồ the extreme. The combination of magic and straw means that those who fight Hawkins must think carefully, as simply charging at him could mean harming friends or allies, while his boss khủng forms are also some of the most visually interesting powers in the franchise as a whole. Even in a world filled with oddities, Hawkins is that much odder than the rest.

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