Open benchtable


it’s sleek

Based on a single piece of custom machined anodized aluminum, the xuất hiện Benchtable measures a mere 8 milimet thick.

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it’s light

Weighing just 1.73 kg, the mở cửa Benchtable is light & ultra portable, designed specifically with travel in mind.

it’s easy lớn put together

All the tools you need to lớn set up your pc kiểm tra bench are literally at your fingertips, efficiently stowed in a single, integrated package.

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The Open Benchtable project is a community-driven collaboration that started in 2015 between HWBOT, Overclocking-TVStreacom lớn create a truly exceptional benchtable, one that redefines the sản phẩm category và towers above current offerings in terms of portability, aesthetics, chất lượng and design.


We designed a benchtable tailored lớn a globalized PC enthusiast world. It’s sleek, light & easy to lớn put together.

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