Blackberry passport factory unlocked


Everyone likes choices. They give sầu you a chance to lớn show your personality and st& out from the crowd.

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That’s probably part of the reason people are loving their Passports (kiểm tra out our press/Reviews roundups HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE) – the quality form factor, packed chock-full of innovations, unlocks personal productivity in a way no plain-vanilla device can.

It says, “I mean business & get things done,” và says it with style.


And part of that style is the variety of color options. The Passport is available in blaông xã, trắng & the Limited Edition Red Passport, và now, the Limited Edition Blaông chồng và Gold Passport.

(Cheông chồng out the excitement over the Trắng and red Passports HERE.)

Everyone loves gold, right? You might consider it “gilding the lily” with the productivity powerhouse sporting a large square touch screen with 453 PPI, touch-enabled keyboard, 3450 mAh battery for up khổng lồ 30 hours of mixed use and top-flight software, including the Hub, Assistant, Blover, Amazon Appstore and much, much more.

Still, gold just looks chic, và the Passport is a thing of beauty – inside & out, whatever the color scheme.

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Get It from Us và Skip the Expensive sầu Electroplating

Those passionate fans bent on having a black and gold Passport have sầu already gone the distance lớn trick out their devices. Actor/rapper Drake reportedly customized his smartphone to lớn the tune of £1,999 (that equates khổng lồ over US$3,000)!

Over on LinkedIn, super-người Jyên Opfer detailed how he went lớn a plating siêu thị, which had lớn have sầu the device taken apart (the horror!) so the frame could be custom-plated. He disassembled the device himself, và it took an entire nerve-wracking hour, with about 30 screws to lớn take out. (We don’t recommend this.)


Now that’s what I call determination.

Others are looking lớn luxury customization company Goldgenie lớn vì chưng the work. It’ll phối you baông chồng a cool £1,247.50, or US$2,0đôi mươi.

Ah, the things we bởi khổng lồ make our tech shiny.


Pricing và Availability

Or, you could just buy an official one from us, since we’re offering our Limited Edition Black & Gold Passport. Only 50 will be available worldwide. Each one comes engraved with “Limited Edition” và the production number, as well as a Valextra cover made from soft calf leather with Valextra “costa” lacquered piping.


Get yours today on Shop for $999 in Canadomain authority and $899 in the US – considerably less than these other folks are shelling out – no disassembly required.

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Act fast – this is a limited-time offer!

What color Passport vị you have or want? Tell us in the comments below.

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