Started playing Blade & Soul Revolution and wondering how khổng lồ get và improve sầu the pets? Read on for Blade & Soul Revolution pets guide

In Blade và Soul Revolution game, players can team up their characters with the pets. Pets are not cosmetics – they contribute to the character’s attributes. All the pets in the game have different-different attributes & skills. For example – increases HP gain for the character, more attachồng power, defense, etc. Based on the pet attribute, your character will gain the bonuses. For example – Awakened Fleeso is one of the heroic-tier pets in the game that gives the character more HPhường. & ATK nguồn. In this Blade và Soul Revolution pets guide, you will get lớn know about the pet tiers/grades, how to make them stronger, etc. For starters, we recommkết thúc reading beginner’s walkthrough, best class guide, crafting guide, & the equipment guide.

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Blade và Soul Revolution Pets Guide⇓

When you sumtháng the pet, its stats will be applied lớn the character. Navigate khổng lồ the menu -> cửa nhà -> pets -> select the pet lớn kiểm tra its stats & special bonus -> summon.

The Five Pet Grades

The pets in Blade & Soul Revolution game are of five grades; normal, refined, superior, heroic, and legendary. Legendary-tier pets are the best as they grant more stats & bonuses lớn the character as compared lớn other tier pets. Heroic pets are better than superior, refined, & normal-tier pets. After that, superior pets > refined > normal. It’s not worth investing in normal & refined-tier pets.

Learn How To Get Pets In Blade and Soul Revolution

By mặc định, you get the first for không lấy phí during the tutorial. To get more pets, you need lớn open the pet chests. Go to lớn the shop -> pet -> there you can buy summon refined pet chest in exchange for crystals – it contains superior, heroic, refined, and normal pets. You can get the legendary pets from the legendary pet chest – it costs x200 Pet Aura. If you don’t have sầu pet aura or crystals, you can get the không tính tiền chest by watching the đoạn Clip ads or spend silver coins. The normal pet chest only features refined và normal pets. The silver premium chest features heroic, superior, refined, và normal pets.

Recover Pet Pod Meter

To replenish the pet’s special stats, you must recover the pod meter.

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You need a “Pet Pod” tác phẩm khổng lồ recover the pets’ pod meter. You can buy the pet pods from the siêu thị. Go khổng lồ the shop -> pet -> reinforce -> there you can buy pet pods in exchange for silver coins or crystals. Once you have sầu the chiến thắng, go lớn the thực đơn -> tác phẩm -> pet -> select the pet -> use it to lớn recover the pet pod meter.


Upgrading The Pets

You can use x3 pets or more lớn get a higher-grade pet. Menu -> công trình -> pets -> nâng cấp -> there you have to lớn select 3 or more pets -> it might result in failure or successful. If it gets successful, you will get a higher-grade pet. If not, you will get items or other stuff; for example – pet pod. The selected pets will disappear.

Fusing Pets In Blade và Soul Revolution

By fusing the pets, you can change their stats or appearance. In the fuse tab of the pet menu, you need to lớn select the “pet” in the target that you want lớn change the stats. And, in the material slot, add another pet that you would like khổng lồ use as a material. Then select whether you want lớn change the option or appearance. After that, tap the fuse button. The pet in the material slot will disappear and the target pet’s appearance or stats will change.

Level Up Pets(Ascension)

In the ascension tab of the pet thực đơn, select the guardian stones; guardian stone, premium guardian stone, & super guardian stone & register the pet. You can buy the guardian stones from the pet siêu thị. Shop -> pet -> reinforce -> there you can buy the guardian stones in exchange for silver coins or crystals.

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So that’s all for now in this Blade và Soul Revolution pets guide.

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