Tổng hợp giftcode và cách nhập code thanh vân kiếm 3d

So, after a long waiting time and experiencing the Alphat chạy thử version ending on March 16, gamers have been playing the official version of Van Kiem 360Game. On the occasion of this big event, many codes of Van Kiem 360Game were distributed to lớn players on forums. Here are some general liên kết to get code Van Kiem 360Game.

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Webgame Van Kiem officially launched lớn domestic players at 10:00 a.m. On March 16. Right now, you can experience the immersive swordplay game of 360Game. Along with the launch event, many types code Van Kiem 360Game không tính tiền for gamers, just accept it quickly.

Van Kiem 360Game launched at 10 am on March 16

Van Kiem 360 is a webgame online product released on the 360 ​​game portal owned by VNG. Van Kiem 360 This is considered to be an attractive online role-playing game in mid-March when there is a rare web game on the market that can compete with Van Kiem 360Game. Game Closed Beta on March 16th with lots of valuable code.

Instructions on how khổng lồ receive & enter code Van Kiem 360Game

1. How khổng lồ receive code 360Game Van Kiem

Method 1: search and follow the Van Kiem 360Game forums

If you want to hunt for valuable Van Kiem 360Game codes & randomly multiply important events of the game, you should regularly visit the homepage or fanpage facebook of Van Kiem 360Game khổng lồ update the latest information about the event. .


Search and follow the Van Kiem 360Game forums

Normally, on special occasions, the board of directors will organize events for players to participate & have a chance to receive the code of Van Kiem 360Game. Of course, these events are limited in time so you need khổng lồ take advantage of every opportunity to join the game. Especially, the code of Van Kiem 360Game in such waves will often have many great gifts for lucky players khổng lồ win prizes.

Method 2: Receive code 360Game Van Kiem through the trang web system

These are the codes that are publicly available through the game’s launch event. On March 16, Van Kiem web game online officially launched khổng lồ players in Vietnam. These types of code are distributed on the website, trang đích cần seo or game newspaper. Code Van Kiem 360Game will have a limited number, but you can rest assured that often the number will be quite a lot for gamers khổng lồ have a chance khổng lồ receive.

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Receive code 360Game Van Kiem through the website system

Below we would like to provide some link to cốt truyện code Van Kiem 360Game via the game’s landing page system. Readers can refer to and take part in the code Van Kiem 360Game.


Time: From March 16 & unlimited (note: the code can only be used once)

Package includes: Tickets 10,000 Silver

Step 1: You access the above landing page of Van Kiem 360Game


Step 2: Write down the code and enter the trò chơi to receive gifts


2. How to enter code 360Game Van Kiem

Once you have Van Kiem 360Game giftcode you proceed khổng lồ the game và enter giftcode to convert into attractive rewards in the game. You proceed with the operations below.

Step 1: You log into the game. On the main interface you select the thành tựu Welfare Hall


Step 2: Select section Code


Step 3:Enter the code of Van Kiem 360Game key then press Receiving gifts khổng lồ receive a reward.



So above we have synthesized & guide you how khổng lồ get the code 360Game Van Kiem, you can also refer how to lớn play Van Kiem on the computer that we have introduced. Wish you happy gaming.

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