Some nice lee sin combos when playing league! :d


I've been indulging in some Lee Sin because I would enjoy learning a higher skill cap jungler. I love Lee Sin because he's such a versatile champions with a lot of damage và utility built into his kit.

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However, I find myself falling victim to lớn just mashing buttons after I hit a Q. I also have trouble clearing camps efficiently, which makes my ganks more risky since I'm usually at only about half health at early levels.

What is the best combo for clearing camps/dragon/baron?

What is the best full bộ for ganking when I lead it with a Q?

What is the best combo for ganking if I manage lớn loop all the way behind someone that's overextended?

Now, some general questions.

If I'm going lớn try & inSec, should I try & Cripple first khổng lồ get the slow or just go straight for the ward hop?

Should I always be weaving two AA's between abilities, or should I just only go for one AA between abilities so I can throw out my spells quicker?

Any general tips would also be appreciated.

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For clearing camps, you want to lớn make sure lớn use your passive effectively. Q-AA-AA-Q, W-AA-AA-W, E-AA-AA-E every time you can. Also remember that your Q is an execute, so you want to try khổng lồ use that later or time it with smite.

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When it comes to lớn the insec, there are few tips I can give.

Go into a custom game, buy as many wards as you can & practice putting them down và W'ing lớn them as fast as you can. Vày this a few times and really get a hang for it. Once you get that down, try to vì chưng it while only pressing W, not spamming it (you don't want lớn waste energy). You can add in some bots & play around with them as well, but you really want lớn practice getting into the swing of it, because you have to vày it quickly, otherwise the person will be able to lớn counter. I also recommend binding a key specifically for wards that's comfortable for you. Personally, I have my wards bound khổng lồ my C key because it's more comfortable for me & I can bởi it faster.

Secondly, there's a faster way of doing it using flash. Basically, you press R first, then flash behind them immediately after. When you vì this, you cancel the animation on the ult, giving them less time to react & counter.

A general full bộ that you should really get into the hang of is Q-R-Q. Always Q first so that A) you can use the execute factor on your Q after the ult, and B) so that there's no way you get that awkward "oh I kicked them away on accident" problem because you can just Q after them khổng lồ follow up.

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