D.Va is an offensive Tank anh hùng in Overwatch 2; here"s everything you need to lớn know about playing her.

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D.Va is a Tank hero in Overwatch 2. With her high damage and projectile-blocking abilities, D.Va protects her team on the frontline by soaking up as much damage as she deals. D.Va is a great Tank for players weary of the role, but to master her you'll need lớn get used khổng lồ her offensive-focused kit.

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With only one defensive ability, D.Va's role as a Tank may not be as obvious as others. However, she is a very strong and rewarding character to lớn play. Let's take a look at each of D.Va's abilities, her strengths & weaknesses, and some tips for doing well with her.

D.Va Ability Overview


Ability mô tả tìm kiếm
Basic Attack (Mech) - Fusion Cannons Damage: 2 per bullet, falls off at longer range
Fires a short spread of bullets, dealing higher damage at close range. Has unlimited ammo.
Basic Attack (Pilot) - Light Gun Damage: 14 Ammo: trăng tròn
Rapidly fires fast-moving projectiles.
First Ability - Defense Matrix Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 6 seconds
Block và negate all incoming projectiles in a cone lớn D.Va's front. Using Defense Matrix depletes the gauge, which regenerates over time when not in use.
Second Ability - Boosters Damage: 25 Duration: 2 seconds Cooldown: 4 seconds
Activate the Mech's boosters, flying forward, dealing damage & knocking back enemies that are hit. The cooldown of this ability starts when the Boosters turn off, and they can be manually turned off at any time after activation.
Third Ability - Micro Missiles Damage: 7 Cooldown: 7 seconds
Fires a barrage of missiles at the target, dealing splash damage where the missile explodes.
Ultimate (Mech) - Self-Destruct Damage: 100 - 1000 Duration: 3 seconds until explosion
Eject from the Mech, causing it lớn self-destruct in a massive explosion that đơn hàng more damage the closer you are lớn it. After using Self-Destruct, hotline Mech is immediately readied.
Ultimate (Pilot) - điện thoại tư vấn Mech Damage: 250
When in Pilot form, summon the Mech, dealing damage in the area it is summoned.
Passive - Eject! After taking lethal damage in her Mech, D.Va will instead eject, entering Pilot form. While in Pilot form, her basic attack will become Light Gun, and her Ultimate will become gọi Mech, allowing her to lớn re-summon her mech after her Ultimate is charged.

D.Va has 650 base health, divided into 350 health và 300 armor, và has 150 health while in Pilot form. As a Tank Hero, D.Va also gains access to lớn the Tank role passive, reducing the effectiveness of knockbacks on her, và reducing the amount of Ultimate charge gained when damaging or healing her.


Despite her role as a Tank Hero, D.Va only has one defensive ability — Defense Matrix. Because of this, you'll need to play her a bit differently than other Tanks in the Overwatch 2 roster. Here are a few tips for learning to bởi so.

Activating Defense Matrix

Defense Matrix is D.Va's main ability, & how she will keep her team alive. For the best results, activate Defense Matrix in quick one-second bursts. In this way, you will eat up a few projectiles, then take hits to your armor first, which has inate damage reduction. Let your tư vấn allies restore your health, then activate Defense Matrix again to mitigate more of the enemy's projectiles.

Because of D.Va's large health pool, almost half of which is armor, a lot of your mitigation comes from just being attacked normally. This will put a bit more of a strain on your healers, so you'll need to use the offensive side of your kit to lớn help them out by applying pressure lớn attackers and displacing enemies with Boosters.

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Offense Is The Best Defense

Utilizing D.Va's high basic attack damage và Micro Missiles, you can protect your team by attacking the enemy. Applying enough pressure khổng lồ attackers will cause them to back off to get healed, which in turn means they will stop attacking for a few moments. If the enemy isn't attacking, your team is safe.

Additionally, D.Va can use Micro Missiles và Boosters during Defense Matrix, & she can use her basic attack and Micro Missiles while using Boosters. Use these abilities together to blanket damage across the enemy team.


D.Va's Ultimate, Self-Destruct, has the potential to wipe out the entire enemy team, but more likely may not eliminate a single target. Her bomb can be difficult lớn use, and is all about using it at the right time to score an elimination.

If you use Self-Destruct while Boosters is active, the exploding mech will maintain its momentum, allowing you lớn launch it into the battle from far away. Using this trick, you can surprise enemies with a bomb where they aren't expecting it, or in a place where they don't have time to run for cover.

The angle, speed, & position of the Mech are all factored into where it will land when launching with Boosters and Self-Destruct. Keep these factors in mind when using your Ultimate.

However, Self-Destruct has a secondary use, which is as a zoning ability. If you Self-Destruct in a crowded area, the enemies will run for the nearest wall or barrier khổng lồ avoid the explosion. You can use this to your advantage, lớn force enemies into inopportune positions for your teammates lớn attack more easily.

For example, dropping a Self-Destruct on the center of a control point will cause all enemies to run to lớn the nearest wall. This then gives an ally Junkrat khổng lồ use Riptire on that location, where the enemy is already focusing on avoiding Self-Destruct.

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