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Back in năm nhâm thìn a strange “new” trò chơi mode was announced in one of the patches that went by the name of “Definitely Not Dominion”. Upon release, it became a fun favourite with fans, who praised it for its fast paced kích hoạt and unique objectives.

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However, for long time LoL players something seemed fishy. This “new” game mode had a striking resemblance to one that was removed just a few months before it was released. Could it be the same game mode? Surely Riot wouldn’t reuse a retired game mode as the foundation for one of their new ones?

Well in fact they did! After being retired from the trò chơi a few months earlier, Riot decided to lớn resurrect Dominion with a brand new twist. This heavily modified trò chơi mode featured many changes compared khổng lồ the original which seemed to lớn make it even better. Yet just a few weeks after it was released, Definitely Not Dominion vanished from the game perhaps never lớn be seen again.

Although some speculate we might never see the game mode again, others disagree. With Riot constantly adding rotating new & old games modes to the game, is it only a matter of time before it returns khổng lồ League of Legends?

Well, we’re here to lớn find out!

But, before we take a look at if Definitely Not Dominion will ever return khổng lồ LoL, let’s take at the original Dominion game mode and what happened to it.

Why Was Dominion Removed?

Released in 2011, Dominion was a chất lượng game mode that differed greatly from the rest of the other game modes at the time. Instead of having 3 lanes like Summoner’s Rift, Dominion didn’t really have any fixed lanes & encouraged players khổng lồ roam around.

This open wilderness allowed for intense team fights & generally much quicker games that lasted only 15 – trăng tròn minutes. Compared to Summoner’s Rift, this was a great change for players who wanted their games with a lot more action. At the time it was released, there was no ARAM available, and players only had a choice between Summoner’s Rift and the Twisted Treeline. This new game mode was created khổng lồ appeal to a different type of players that wanted something different from the game.

The game was officially retired on 22 February 2016 when the game mode was removed for good. This was the first time that a permanent trò chơi mode had been removed from the trò chơi since its release. As you can imagine, it was a big moment!

Many players didn’t seem to lớn be too bothered about its removal since it wasn’t exactly the most popular game mode. Yet die hard fans were annoyed that their beloved Crystal Scar would be gone for good. However, little did they know that a new revamped version would be making an appearance shortly after.

So why was Dominion removed?

To put it simply, the trò chơi was very imbalanced & had various design flaws that made it not a pleasant trò chơi mode. All of these flaws combined put a lot of people off playing the trò chơi which in turn had a knock on effect on things like queue times. With such a small pool of players available for match making, this also made matching people against the right skill màn chơi a difficult task.

Eventually, after much deliberation of trying lớn fix the issues, Riot decided it was best if they abandoned the game mode & put their efforts into something else. After all, we’re still waiting on that Star Guardian Urgot skin.

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The Return of Dominion


Shortly after Dominion was officially removed from the game, Riot teased a new trò chơi mode in an upcoming patch. Although it was very similar to the original Dominion trò chơi mode, the “new” trò chơi mode had plenty of alterations that made it more enjoyable.

For starters, 2 of the towers had been removed which meant players didn’t have lớn spend most of their time roaming around the map. In addition khổng lồ this, the trò chơi mode also had new buffs that granted players true damage as a % of maximum HP. Lớn make things even more wild there were also plenty of trinket changes which provided players with a much-needed vision boost.

If you’re new to LoL & never got the chance to lớn play Definitely Not Dominion, then take a look below.

The reception of the new trò chơi mode was very positive. Old die-hard Dominion fans enjoyed playing their favorite map, while other players enjoyed the new changes that made the mode more bearable.

However, just as people were adapting to lớn the new game mode, it seemingly vanished forever a few weeks later.

Will Definitely Not Dominion Ever Return?

Some players were obviously annoyed with its removal, but you can’t really blame Riot, it was a retired trò chơi mode after all.

So vì chưng we think Definitely Not Dominion will ever return to League of Legends? Of course we think it will! But we couldn’t give you a guaranteed date even if we wanted to. Here’s why:

Riot love to showroom new rotating game modes that change every week. The only problem is, there isn’t really a fixed schedule as lớn which trò chơi is next. Sometimes it’s one of their many chất lượng game modes while sometimes it’s a brand new trò chơi mode created specifically for an event.

If you’re craving some Definitely Not Dominion then be sure to lớn keep your eyes peeled on the rotating trò chơi modes. It’s only a matter of time before this classic trò chơi mode returns!

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