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Capcom cornered the market on the survival horror genre, thanks in no small part to lớn the Resident Evil series, but success breeds complacency. Longtime Capcom employee Shinji Mikamày looked to lớn Hollywood for inspiration on the next great Capcom franchise, and he found it with The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Aliens. From that, Dino Crisis was born.

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From 1999 lớn 2003, Dino Crisis carved itself a niđậy for action-oriented survival horror that walked the line between daft & terrifying. The idea of fighting dinosaurs in this day and age is silly, sure, but tell me your pants wouldn’t turn brown if you were being hunted by a pack of raptors. The series has seemingly been extinct since then though, but fans have been clamouring for a comebaông chồng. Today we ask: will we ever see Dino Crisis 4, or a remake?

The History of Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis

It seems lượt thích there’s a lot of talented developers out there who would jump at the chance to make Dino Crisis 4 happen, but Capcom are currently going through one of the most successful periods ever, buoyed by the renewed interest in the long-running Resident Evil and Monster Hunter franchises. It’s possible, likely, even, that Capcom would rather continue that recent run of success & focus on what works rather than take a punt on a series that yielded diminishing returns even during its heyday.

Still, a tentpole of Capcom’s strategy recently has been extensive sầu remakes of their baông chồng catalogue, with remakes of Resident Evil 2 và 3 drawing a considerable amount of praise và commercial success for the Japanese company. Quite frankly, a similar remake for Dino Crisis using the RE Engine as a basis would certainly be an interesting concept. The core fanbase might not be as massive sầu as other Capcom franchises, but a remake lượt thích that could be sold off the baông xã of the strength of RE 2+3 alone.

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Those fans holding out hope for a new Dino Crisis might have sầu to put their dreams on ice for a while, however. Last year, Capcom were the victims of a malicious ransomware cyber attachồng that revealed the majority of Capcom’s future schedule up until 2024, và Dino Crisis was nowhere khổng lồ be found. It’s possible that the release schedule that was leaked is out of date, và Dino Crisis could have sầu found its way into lớn the shuffle since then, but it’s not looking good for anyone hoping for a new entry in the horror series within the next three & a half years.

To many, the idea of Dino Crisis coming bachồng seems lượt thích that unobtainable or unrealistic expectation, like my wish lớn see Ape Escape make a comeback. Stranger things have sầu happened in the gaming industry though. THQ Nordic could easily just pay Capcom millions for the rights lớn the license và form another studio lớn make the game. If they can bust out remakes for Destroy All Humans! & SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, surely someone can commission a remake for Dino Crisis.

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If anyone does want it to lớn happen though, apparently it’s Capcom themselves, or at least some of their developers. In late 2017, the Twitter account for Capcom’s Dev 1 team responded khổng lồ a fan’s request for a new Dino Crisis, stating they’d make it “if a lot of people wish it”. However, they also noted the day afterwards that they’d like to lớn make more games, but their development staff are limited. It’s up lớn the fans here to campaign Capcom for a new Dino Crisis, making it a request that Capcom simply can’t ignore. Be the change you want lớn see in the world, & ask Capcom khổng lồ let the dinos loose one more time.

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