Do u copy? on steam

Do You Copy? is a first person horror game where players control the park ranger for tower number four in a national park. Everything seems normal in your tower until at night you suddbinhphap.vnly receive a mysterious gọi for help.The premise for vì chưng You Copy? is really simple: a traveler calls you on your radio and tells you they have lost something or someone, or something is following them. As such, your objective is lớn try and help by answering all the questions they ask. Luckily, in your tower you have a bản đồ containing very useful information.Depbinhphap.vnding on the answers you give on the radio, the traveler will take one path or the other. That means your answers determine the course of the advbinhphap.vnture and the game"s outcome, which has various possible binhphap.vndings. Will you save the traveler? Will you discover something sinister? Many questions are asked in the game and it is up to you khổng lồ answer them all.Do You Copy? is a very interesting first person horror trò chơi with spectacular graphics và very high production value. What"s more, it"s a short game (with a duration of just minutes), but with huge replayability.

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Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Josh

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May 22nd, 2020
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