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Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!限界超絶突破!身勝手の極意極まる!!Genkai chōzetsu toppa! Migatte no gokui kiwamaru!!

Script: Atsuhiro Tomioka; Director/Storyboard: Masato Mitsuka; Animation Supervisors: Koji Nashizawa và Hirotaka NīSource: Animage

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· 4 yr. Ago · Stickied comment

Does anyone know the name of the theme that starts playing when Jiren stops Goku's Kamehameha và Toppo goes into the explanation part of it all??

So I am editing footage for an upcoming FMV for UI Goku. I noticed that when he goes full Ultra Instinct mastered mode, he is in a different "Form". He is in a black/silver, powered up Super Saiyan hairstyle mode with black eyes(Potentially Angel form?) then he 'powers down' to Goku Silver mode. Maybe they will flesh it out more in 130 but I am definitely seeing 2 distinct forms on footage.

Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays during whis' lines about he feeling Goku's determination?

So I just realized that we didn't get another episode this week. So what was the reason for it this time?

Jiren wins the Tournament of nguồn by Defeating Son Goku then Freiza appears & death beems Jiren in the Back Then Jiren slaps Frieza out of the Arena

the Winner is announced Jiren but the Omni god Doset want lớn erase U 7 cuz he Enjoyed Goku' and Jirens fight so he spares U7 and Gives Jiren the wish Jiren's Wish is to Meet the Evil Doer Jiren later on meets the Evil doer and Turns out the evil doer was The grand preist Jiren has a 1v1 whit the grand priest & cuz Jiren has Eye energy absorbing power nguồn by fighting the Grand priest he knows hes techniques Jiren beats the grand Priest Jiren Becoms the Grand preist Goku becomes an Angel Vegeta becomes a god of destruction Belmod retires and toppo becomes god of univ 11 and they all go to earth khổng lồ eat budding . The end

Am I the only one wondering why some of the god of destructions are still existing? Isn’t it suppose to be only universe 7 & 11 gods existing?

The amount of teeth Jiren showed in the preview is more than he ever showed in his entire screen time!

No one (from what I've seen have mentioned this) but last episode (129) didn't have a narrarated ending. Not too huge a problem but a little weird.

I'm guessing it's lượt thích when other anime have BIG moments, they skip the ED or OP. With this, it's the narration.

I've got something I've wanted lớn get off my chest regarding Episode 129.

The animation in this episode was... Just awful. It was so bad. Way too many repeated & recycled animations. When Jiren was pressuring Goku and showering down attacks on him, it was nearly impossible to even see what was supposed to be happening.

This episode had some of the worst animation I've ever seen from Super, & that's saying a lot.

Agreed... Unfortunately a recurring issue in Super... :( This episode had not just mundane lazy animation but also a whole bunch of the the less common phenomenon of reusing (copy pasting) of animation from the opening clip. I've already seen those animations a hundred times and it felt pretty bad to lớn see them reused as part of the intense action of the episode. There was also some re-using of animation from earlier episodes (such as UI Goku firing Kamehameha at Kefla). All sadly very noticeable.

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