Cherry credits to fully take dragon nest vietnam under its wing

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Dragon Nest will be officially released in Vietphái mạnh in FirstQuarter of năm 2016

Hanoi and Singapore, 7 December 2015 – TodayVGG Entertainment (Vietnam) and Cherry Credits Pte Ltd (Singapore)officially announced the signing of co-operation to publish theblockbuster Multiplayer Online Free-To-Play Action game: DragonNest, in Vietnam giới, slated lớn be released in the first quarter of2016. The game’s official website is:

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Developed by Eyedentity Games (Korea) Dragon Nest is a 3 chiều actionmultiplayer online PC game featuring thrilling MMO action,immersive fantasy world full of epic bosses and dungeons, andquality non-target combat feature that let gamers lớn play unique tohis/her own style.

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Dragon Nest Vietphái mạnh server will be in Vietnamese language andwill have the same nội dung as Dragon Nest SEA, including all 8character classes, all the rồng nests and dungeons, as well assynched in-game events & future content updates. Players inVietphái mạnh can use either Cherry Credits or VGG trương mục khổng lồ join eitherVietnam giới or SEA game servers. In-game payment will use CherryCredits payment which is widely available in Vietphái mạnh withincentives và tư vấn from VGG Entertainment.

Contract value between Cherry & VGG collaboration were notdisclosed, but representatives of the two sides said: "This is thefirst time in Vietnam giới where gamers will experience a AAA qualityMMORPG which will fully utilize Cherry Credits’ expertise andregional operation experience, combined with VGGEntertainment’s know-how and understanding of local market inVietphái nam. Furthermore, the Vietphái mạnh VPS will alleviateplayers’ concerns about ping & lag issues, especially foran intensive sầu action game like Dragon Nest. In the future, we hopekhổng lồ bring more top quality games khổng lồ Vietnam giới.”


About Cherry Credits Pte Ltd

Cherry Credits is a game publisher and a leading micropaymentsolutions provider for digital content & game channelling.Offering a unique e-wallet system & physical scratch thẻ (PSC)distribution, Cherry Credits gives everyone the ability &convenience to transact online anytime, anywhere. Additionally,Cherry Credits is the publisher, official Payment Provider andChannelling Platkhung for the hit Multiplayer Online kích hoạt RPGDragon Nest SEA game service. For more information, please visit .

About VGG Entertainment

Established in 2013, VGG Entertainment focus on high-qualityproducts with high unique visual & diverse gameplay, run byexperienced staff. VGG Entertainment publishes and operates hitChinese MMORPG: Swordsman Online (Perfect World). For moreinformation, please visit:

About Dragon Nest

Origin: South Korea

Developer: Eyedentity Games

Issued in 9 countries / regions worldwide


- 700,000CCU in Đài Loan Trung Quốc with the award: Asian game Best kiến thiết, Besttechnology, Best game in Chinese market

- Top 10best games, the most promising Game, Best Foreign trò chơi in some biggames show in Thailand and Russia

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