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Naruto: 5 Ways The Edo Tensei Is Balanced (& 5 It's Overpowered) Evì chưng Tensei is a powerful jutsu in Narulớn that allows characters to control the dead but just how balanced was the technique compared to lớn others?

Evày Tensei in Naruto, the anime series.
The Edo Tensei was a forbidden jutsu originally formulated by the second hokage of Konoha Tobirama Senju. It allowed its user khổng lồ resurrect và control the dead, effectively enslaving them as thralls lớn enact their will.

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With the power of this technique, Kabuto was able lớn amass a gigantic army to lớn confront the Allied Shinobi Forces during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Despite how insanely strong this might suggest the ability is, there are specific drawbacks behind it that limit how useful it might be lớn its master. By acknowledging them, we can determine whether or not it is one of the best skills in the Naruto universe.

The Evì Tensei subscribes to lớn the law of equivalent exchange. When using it lớn bring baông xã a soul to the world of the living, so too must it sover one to the l& of the dead. In other words, it requires a human sacrifice in order to exexinh đẹp properly.

Such a reagent may not be readily available to certain shinobi and makes the jutsu questionably valuable in warfare since it does not swell the ranks of one"s army. However, the subject khổng lồ be terminated does not need lớn consent for the spell lớn work, a fact Orochimaru would frequently exploit.

9 Overpowered - It Can Resurrect Anyone

Madara Uchiha Has Large Reserves Of Chakra
The Evị Tensei"s life cost may be a drawbaông chồng lớn using it, though it is well compensated through the fact that it can bring baông xã literally anyone. Consequently, Kabulớn was able to lớn restore Madara lớn the land of the living, who in turn annihilated much of the Allied Shinobi Forces" armies by himself.

This makes potential usage of the jutsu well worth the sacrifice required, as finding the right person to lớn resurrect will decimate many more threats than the initial inconvenience to restore them.

It is possible for the subject of the Ebởi vì Tensei lớn resist the will of its user. This was most prominently demonstrated through Hanzo the Salamander, who forfeited his fight against Mifune despite the fact that he had not yet entirely lost the battle.

Therefore, enough determination can render the jutsu completely moot, inconveniencing the user & making the trouble that they had went through in order to lớn procure them for nothing. Nonetheless, one"s resilience must be exceptional in order khổng lồ break the conditioning, as even Hashirama could not vị so when it was cast against hlặng.

7 Overpowered - Immortal Bodies

When fighting those under the sway of the Edo Tensei, many shinobi quickly realized that their opponents are immortal. Though it was possible to damage them, whatever harm was inflicted quickly became reversed as they healed themselves through a paper-lượt thích substance.

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It made it incredibly frustrating to lớn fight them, especially since the shinobi were as just as powerful as they were in life. Combined with the newfound durability they now possessed, they are twice as deadly as they were before.

In addition khổng lồ costing a mortal life for the Evì chưng Tensei to lớn work, there was another requirement; one must provide something belonging lớn the person they intended to lớn resurrect—with flesh samples being the most useful. This gave sầu the jutsu a target lớn identify the soul the user intended khổng lồ take.

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However, it was extremely frustrating for the caster to find, & as a result, Kabuto lớn ended up dredging hundreds of bodies that weren"t who he was looking for. Many of them would later serve sầu as the bulk of his disposal army against the Allied Shinobi Forces.

5 Overpowered - Hollowing Out The Target

The willpower of the Evị Tensei"s victyên may prove a complication for its user"s plans. However, both Orochimaru & Kabuto lớn have sầu devised solutions, should their pawns go rogue.

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The fallen Sannin is capable of inserting tags into lớn the back of their skulls which guarantees compliance and deactivates their sentience. His apprentice managed a more refined version of this jutsu, able lớn override them from the comfort of his own bunker. When their consciousnesses are suppressed, it is almost impossible for them to lớn escape their master"s hold.

Bringing baông chồng a shinobi with all of their jutsu at their disposal has a predictable possibility khổng lồ backfire. While some are capable of resisting Kabuto"s will—such as the previously mentioned Hanzo— others were capable of escaping it entirely such as in the cases of Madara & Itađưa ra.

The latter"s liberation would later spell the mad scientist"s doom, as he joined Sasuke in hunting hlặng down. Ironically, Kabuto"s brazenness with his spell and confidence in his ability would procure his downfall lớn the power of Itachi"s forbidden genjutsu technique.

3 Overpowered - The Number Of Targets It Can Influence

The Evày Tensei has the potential for almost limitless destruction. Though its requirements for casting are irksome, Kabuto lớn can summon minions indefinitely in order to lớn enact his will. With it, he mastered an army of devoted thralls by which khổng lồ belay the Five Kage"s justice.

It also means that not only can he resurrect powerful shinobi, but there is also no limit to how many ninjas he can bring baông chồng. This was particularly problematic for the heroes since he had managed khổng lồ procure almost all of the Akatsuki—including Nagato lớn himself.

The Ebởi Tensei generally restores its targets fully, allowing them khổng lồ continue the fight and provide indestructible shields for their masters. However, certain skills can guarantee that their wounds do not heal after the damage has been inflicted.

Specifically, this phenomenon was observed through Madara"s battle against Minakhổng lồ, where his truth-seeking orb had destroyed one of his arms. The Fourth Hokage was unable khổng lồ regenerate it afterward, entailing that the other resurrected leaders may have lớn fight more cautiously against the fallen Uchiha than they had originally presumed.

1 Overpowered - Side Effects Of Undeath

There are more advantages to undeath than just durability. The subject of the Ebởi vì Tensei is tireless, guaranteeing them an endless supply of stamimãng cầu by which lớn thwart their opposition. Furthermore, it ensures that they vị not need sleep, giving them a palpable strategic edge in sustained warfare.

All of this means that against foes who are evenly matched with them (such as the Sound Four"s battle against Shikamaru"s team), the living are at an innate disadvantage. Were it not for Naruto"s intervention against them, the former servants of Orochimaru would have enacted their revenge on those who had claimed their lives long ago.

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