Evilbane for android

EvilBane: Reboot was a Mobile hack-n-slash action MMORPG that features console-chất lượng 3D graphics & brutal combat with tons of loot khổng lồ unearth. Progress through the game"s voice-acted story to lớn save sầu the kingdom, collect loot, & become the strongest warrior in the lvà.

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Publisher: NetmarbleType: điện thoại MMORPGRelease Date: April 6, 2016Shut Down: April 13, 2018Pros: +Great 3 chiều graphics. +Tons of content. +Variety of abilities lớn unleash.Cons: -Pay-to-win elements. -PvP rankings never remix. -Repetitive sầu gameplay.


EvilBane: Reboot Overview

EvilBane: Reboot, previously called EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens was a Smartphone action MMO where players take the role of a disciple of Dominion, a famous warrior who suspects the current era of peace is nearing its over. Attacked by Lucifer while visiting the queen, the player must afterwards travel far and wide across the l& on their quest for peace & vengeance. Control one of three characters: Luke, a balanced anh hùng, Khara, an agile assassin, or Vango, a slow & powerful brute, and freely swap between them during the game"s campaign to lớn evenly level each one. Take on a variety of dungeons và discover powerful raid bosses lớn fight as a group, collecting thousands of loot drops which can be upgraded, combined, và limit broken lớn increase battle rating. Players can also enter the game"s arenas or guild vs. guild battles for a challenge, fighting for the top spots on the ranking board.

EvilBane: Reboot Key Features:

Three Playable Characters– choose from three swappable characters: Luke, Khara, or Vango, each with their own abilities that are dependent on the type of weapon equipped.

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Customizable Gear – collect mountains of gear and use the game"s crafting system khổng lồ customize each piece of equipment"s stats và value.Console-Quality Graphics – fight hordes of monsters in a detailed, colorful 3D world similar to lớn games found on PS3.Dungeons and Rsida – take a break from the game"s campaign to pillage dungeons và fight svào boss monsters with a full party of players.

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Aremãng cầu and Guild vs. Guild – fight for the top of the ranking ladder in the game"s PvP arenas và its guild vs. guild combat.

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