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Learn more in this overview of what Facebook stickers are & how you can use them lớn express yourself on Facebook.

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Facebook stickers are images that you can skết thúc lớn your friends và family. They make for a fun, easy way to express yourself.

You can use stickers in various places on Facebook, including in comments, on photos, và on Facebook Messenger.

In this article, we explain what Facebook stickers are và how you can use them to lớn express yourself on Facebook.

Facebook stickers
Facebook stickers are much lượt thích emojis in that they are visual ways to lớn express how you"re feeling, or they depict a particular object or scene. Some stickers feature characters from movies or TV shows, while others are people or animals from different artists.

Facebook defines a sticker as, "Stickers are different than emoticons. They’re detailed illustrations of characters with personality. Sending stickers is a way lớn cốt truyện how you’re feeling with your friends."

Note: If you"re wondering what the differences are between emoticons và emojis, we"ve got you covered.


Technically speaking, a sticker is just an image. One of the ways they are different to lớn emojis is that they are larger. Also, they can"t be placed inline alongside some text---sending a sticker counts as a single message.

The term "sticker" is perhaps a bit deceiving. These aren"t physical stickers, nor can you stiông xã them wherever you want on Facebook. However, much like real stickers, they are usually bold & colorful.

Facebook has thousands of different stickers available. Below, we"ll show you how khổng lồ use them và add more to your collection.

How lớn Use Facebook Stickers

There are multiple places on Facebook that you can use stickers.

When you open the sticker interface, it will open by default on the Search tab. You can use the Search stickers text field to look for specific stickers. Search either by the name of the sticker paông xã or the emotion represented by the sticker.


This section also contains themes (like Happy or Angry) that you can clichồng to browse stickers relating to that, across all of your packs.

The cloông chồng icon is a tab containing all of your recently used stickers. This is handy if you have some favorite stickers that you lượt thích to use often.

The other icons represent the sticker packs. Cliông chồng one of the icons lớn browse the stickers within that paông xã. If you have multiple packs, you will see an arrow icon that you can cliông chồng to scroll.

The plus icon is how you access the Sticker Store, which we will detail further below.

When you find a sticker that you want, just cliông xã on it to select it.

How khổng lồ Sover a Sticker in Messages or Comments

To sover a sticker while in chat or Messenger, or when replying khổng lồ a post, click the sticker icon near the text field.


Once you have sầu selected a sticker, it will send. You can"t add text on the same message, though you can of course skết thúc a follow-up message.

How khổng lồ Add a Sticker lớn a Photo

Facebook add stickers lớn photo
When adding a pholớn lớn a post, you can customize it with stickers. You can only bởi this when sharing the post. To vì so, cliông xã Photo/Video, then upload a photo lớn. Next, hover over the pholớn và click the pencil icon. Then, on the left pane, cliông chồng Stickers > Add Sticker.

You can place multiple stickers on your photo lớn. Cliông chồng and drag to lớn move the sticker, then use the arrow icon to rotate and reform size the sticker. When done, click Save.

How lớn Get More Facebook Stickers

Facebook Sticker Store
It"s simple khổng lồ add more stickers khổng lồ your collection. There are hundreds of different sticker packs available, which are just a collection of stickers under a common theme or br& (like Lunar New Year or The Avengers). Each pack usually contains around đôi mươi stickers.


These sticker packs are available from the Sticker Store. Despite the name, & since being on the platform since 2013, Facebook has never directly charged money for sticker packs.

To access the Sticker Store, follow the steps above sầu as if you were going khổng lồ send a sticker. Instead of selecting a sticker, cliông xã the xanh plus icon in the top right. This will open the Sticker Store. Alternatively, visit the Facebook Sticker Store directly.

Here you can browse all of the packs available for tải về. Cliông chồng Preview lớn see all the stickers in the paông chồng. Cliông xã Free to add the sticker paông xã to your collection. It can then be used immediately.

How lớn Remove Facebook Stickers

Facebook remove stickers
You can"t disable the Facebook stickers feature entirely. The only thing you can bởi vì is remove sticker packs that you have added to lớn your collection. chú ý that this will remove sầu every single sticker in that pack---you can"t remove an individual sticker.


To vì so, navigate to lớn the Sticker Store. Packs that you have downloaded will no longer have sầu a Free button. Instead, there will be a Remove button in its place. Cliông xã this khổng lồ immediately remove sầu the sticker pachồng from your collection.

Join the Facebook Stickers Group

If you want to lớn stay up-to-date with the world of Facebook stickers & find out when new packs are added lớn the platform, you should join the Facebook Stickers group.

This official group announces new packs và also provide a handy liên kết for you to click to instantly add the new stickers lớn your collection.

Avoid Sticker Apps

You might come across apps on the Android & iOS stores that claim khổng lồ expvà your sticker selection on Facebook. While Facebook has partnered with external apps in the past khổng lồ provide sticker packs, the company no longer does. The best way lớn acquire new stickers is just lớn use the Sticker Store on Facebook.


These apps are often riddled with annoying adverts and are simply a clunky way of adding images into lớn your posts or messages, which you can bởi directly from the Facebook interface anyway. They aren"t official sticker packs & therefore aren"t worth downloading.

More Things to Do With Facebook Messenger

That"s everything you need to lớn know about Facebook stickers, including what they are và how lớn use them. So why not go grab some sticker packs & use them lớn express yourself on Facebook.

Stickers are just one of the many things you can vì with Facebook & Messenger. For more, check out our danh sách of hidden Facebook Messenger tricks you should try.

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