Cosplay - A unique Japanese culture arrived at binhphap.vn University on the evening of October 5. This is a playground created for students khổng lồ "rock out" in their favorite style.

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Cosplay is an English word created by the Japanese. This is a combination of "costume" và "role play". This refers lớn fans of characters in manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, đoạn phim games, fantasy films, political characters, singers, ... Who dresses or acts like their favorite character. These people are called cosplayers (sometimes referred to as reya). They can khung groups / clubs to lớn practice và act together. In addition, they also participate in events, festivals related to lớn artwork with favorite fictional characters, or even organize their own event to perform.At the trang điểm Competition 2018, binhphap.vn University contestants were dressed up as their favorite characters and performed fantastic acts on stage. The characters are not limited to lớn anime characters such as Misaki, No-Face, .. But also from famous games lượt thích Onmyoji, League of Legends like Huynh Thao, Kagura, Ahri và Lux, ...


Co-third place are Trung Kien contestant as Shuten Douji with the couple Ngoc Hao và Dang Khoa showing male characters Kagura và Huynh Thao male version.

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Contestant Nguyen Hoang Dang Khoa shared: “Khoa feels very happy to join the program, if there is any sự kiện next year, Khoa will definitely join again. Khoa did not expect that he would win the third prize, probably because of the deep acting ability of the "Coc Saigon"s Hao" "- Dang Khoa was also the contestant who won the most popular Cosplayer award of the last year contest.

The audience could not forget the contestant Dinh Ngoc Bich Chau - No-Face dynamic biến hóa from the Casting to the Final. Bich Chau had a very impressive và excellent dance and won the Impressive prize for herself.

The quartet of judges who hold the power nguồn is Mr. Le Vo binh Minh - Head of Personal Development Department - binhphap.vn University, Mr. Lu Cam Toan - representative of Vietnam Marutou Compack - mentor of japan Style Club, Ms. Phan Mai chi - Master of Fine Arts - University of Fine Arts and currently a lecturer in Graphic Design và Ms. Oanh Duong - famous cosplayer with many great awards such as: biến hóa Contest 2018 Manga Festival, FAVORITE Cosplayer Otaku Festival 2015....Before announcing the official results of this year"s competition, Ms. Oanh Duong shared with the program: “Although you are not professional enough as in the festivals I have attended, the spirit & atmosphere here is not inferior at all, sometimes even more exciting than the Festival".

Check out the contestants of make up Competition, many were very impressed with the female characters that male contestant cosplayed as. "It must be said that binhphap.vn boys don"t pretend lớn be girls, But once do, the sister association can only admire."

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