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Do you want to use fly GPS pokemon go but don’t know any available tips? Learn the concepts from this article and also, find out whether you can spoof on iOS devices.

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Apr 08,2021 / Posted by Felix Baynđắm say

“I’ve sầu realized that several functionalities are not working anymore on my iOS device after a recent nâng cấp. I’m now wondering whether I can spoof in Pokemon Go on my updated iPhone?”

Many users are increasingly getting concerned about ways khổng lồ poketháng go fly haông xã và tips. It could be that you yearn lớn virtually pop inkhổng lồ another location of the universe và faking location coordinates is the better option. Worry no more! This is a comtháng phenomenon with universe lovers who need lớn capture several regions but laông chồng those expensive fares.

It doesn’t over there!

I’m here lớn offer you the tips on pokemon go fly GPS 2019 lớn spoof your location as you control your poketháng trainer right from the comfort of your trang chủ. You’ll not only learn how to tải về the lachạy thử versions but you’ll also walk in the details of how lớn easily install fly GPS pokemon go iOS. Firstly, let’s see whether Fly GPS work for Pokemon Go.

Part 1: Does Fly GPS Still Work For Pokemon Go?

Fly GPS is không tính tiền to lớn download và works perfectly for the Poketháng Go pp. It also comes with various functionalities. The availability of the trainer, a built-in joystiông xã, lets you fake your location freely on Android devices. You simply need to set your real location then enable the ‘GPS Move Location’ from the device’s settings. Set the distance to move sầu after a given period like 5 seconds. But first, let’s get an overview of the features.

Main Features

It lets you navigate khổng lồ any location. You can either use Google Search or Coordinates Search to uncover any location of choice.

You won’t need to lớn move an inch to visit any part of the world. You can virtually travel in a few minutes or hours.You also have sầu the choice to lớn add any location you need to visit.It’s easy to lớn use, enabling you lớn easily relocate by dragging the joystiông chồng.The Fly GPS works perfectly with all the lademo versions of the Poketháng Go.

How to Install Fly GPS

Would you lượt thích to lớn poketháng go fly GPS on Android and don’t know how to? Follow these steps and start spoofing your location lượt thích a pro.

Step 1: Download Fly GPS

Visit the Fly GPS Poketháng Go on Google Play và download the tiện ích.


Step 2: Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Android

Rethành viên that you need khổng lồ enable the ‘Allow Unknown Sources’ option khổng lồ successfully install the Fly GPS on your Android.

Do this by going khổng lồ the ‘Settings’ option on your Android device screen. Then tap on the ‘Security’ option. Next, scroll down to lớn find the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. Place a checkmark khổng lồ enable it.

Step 3: Install Fly GPS

Install the tiện ích by locating the APK file that you earlier downloaded on your device in Step 1.

Step 4: Configure your Android device

Cheông chồng khổng lồ see that Poketháng Go Fly GPS Android has been successfully installed. Then, you are không lấy phí lớn configure your Android device. Do this by enabling the ‘Develop Mode’

Go lớn the ‘Settings’ option. Then scroll down to lớn the ‘About Phone’ option & tap on it. Cheông chồng for your device’s ‘Build Number’ then tap on it seven times lớn enable the developer mode.

Step 5: Enable the mock locations

Go to lớn the ‘Settings’ option, scroll down to the ‘Developer Options’ thực đơn & tap on it. Next, go to the ‘Debugging’ section & look for the ‘Mochồng location app’ option. Tap on the ‘Moông chồng location’ and then select ‘Fly GPS’. You would have sầu configured the Fly GPS.


Step 6: Enable the ‘GPS’ settings

Go khổng lồ the ‘Settings’ option, tap on the ‘Location’ choice lớn turn it on and then set the GPS to ‘Low Accuracy’ or ‘Only GPS’ mode.

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Step 7: Launch Fly GPS

Launch it on your device. This will show your location bản đồ based on the GPS coordinates. You would have successfully set Fly GPS. You can now select a spoofed location for your Android device.


Must-Know Stability Risks of Pokemon Go Fly hack

If the company detects usage of Poketháng Go Fly haông chồng, you may experience a shadowban for some days.There is a possibility of your trương mục being suspended.It also consumes additional network bandwidth.You are required lớn jailbreak your device.

Part 2: Can I Spoof in Pokemon Go on my iOS devices?

Yes! It’s possible to lớn spoof fly pokemon go iOS and turn lớn any location of choice. However, it’s more difficult khổng lồ spoof GPS locations on iOS devices than is with Android. But available apps in the market make it easier lớn fly pokemon go iOS.

Spoof Pokemon Go Fly GPS 2019 on iPhone Easily with dr. fone – Virtual Location

It may not be a bed of roses for iPhone users lớn hachồng Poketháng Go Fly GPS. Thanks khổng lồ dr. fone. The virtual location that this ứng dụng provides makes it easy for you lớn simulate any self-activated moves for prompt tracking. You can also decide khổng lồ directly spoof Fly GPS Pokemon Go. Follow these easy steps for a quiông xã spoofing.

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location for Poketháng Go Joystick

Effective PokemonGO Spoofer for iPhone

Teleport lớn anywhere in the world during gameplay.Simulate movement along a route (phối by 2 or multiple spots).GPS automatic/manual movement with joystiông chồng.Allow lớn phối the movement tốc độ as desired.

Step 1. Setup the app

Download dr. fone from the official website. Next, cliông xã the ‘Install’ option & ensure it successfully installs on your PC. Connect your iOS device to lớn your PC via a USB cable or other best means.


Step 2. Change the GPS location

Chechồng your computer’s ‘home’ screen và open the ‘Virtual Location’ application then tap on it. You should access the kém chất lượng GPS now.


Step 3. Choose the desired location

Press the ‘Get Started’ option và select any location you wish to spoof from the maps of the app. View your present location first before choosing a desired location lớn haông chồng. Just cliông xã on the ‘Center On’ button to lớn view your current location. Rethành viên khổng lồ cliông xã on the ‘Teleport’ mode to lớn enable you lớn type and enter any name of a location you then want to lớn change khổng lồ.


Step 4. View the kém chất lượng location

Enter the name of the target location. You should find the newly updated virtual locations as your current location once you cliông chồng the ‘Move sầu Here’ button. You can move sầu the pin as you wish depending on your dream location. Test your prowess by opening the Maps to lớn Fly GPS Poketháng Go iOS on the spoofed location & assert your success. Hurray! You just faked GPS location using this state-of-the-art app for Poketháng Go.


Part 3. Best alternatives for Fly GPS Pokemon Go App

Fly GPS Pokemon Go may not relay all that you want from a fun tiện ích. Consider these 3 alternatives for an additional fun-filled experience.

1)Poke Friends


This Pokemon Go Fly GPS Android lets you meet global friends by a single swipe. It’s pretty simple and Poketháng Go trainers can giới thiệu their trainer code & chats with friends of choice.



MapWalker helps you move your phone to lớn any region of the world. It’s easy khổng lồ use and lets you explore what you can imagine. However, you need khổng lồ be cautious after using MapWalker because there are high chances for your location to be locked khổng lồ the last mocked location event as soon as you cthất bại the phầm mềm.



This ứng dụng comes with the real fun, allowing you khổng lồ catch monsters living around you. It is miễn phí for use & 100% safe tải về. You got to be ready to take care of over 250 Mobbles. Look for when they are out & start your tricks. Simply scan your area, catch mobbles, raise them well and trade with them, và become a real Mobles Master.

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All in all, it takes a couple of tricks khổng lồ Fly GPS Poketháng Go 2019 Android. However, this isn’t compared to lớn indulging your iOS devices. But you can now vày that lượt thích a real pro. Use this guideline to lớn walk out of your territory và venture inkhổng lồ any virtual location despite your device’s OS. And with dr. fone phầm mềm, your worries are all settled. Furthermore, find other alternatives khổng lồ Fly GPS Poketháng Go and overcome all approaches your mission from a different perspective.

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