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Any good RPG out there has a decent amount of loot scattered throughout its playable world. Here is the ranking of the best lootbased games out there.

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When it comes to action roleplaying games (aRPGs), only a few things matter more than the story, characters, or lore. One of those things is the loot. It's one of the most prevalent common denominators ever for all aRPGs & for many players, it's the sole reason to lớn continue playing even after finishing the game. After all, getting good loot (through a well-disguised lottery system) is one of the best feelings of victory ever in video games.

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aRPGs understand và utilize that concept khổng lồ a large degree. They're all about two things: making a character's attacks more colorful và getting the most colorful loot - story & narrative choices be damned. There have been many of those games over the past years, but only a handful of them are worth immortalizing through countless hours of grinding. So if fans aren't tired of playing a violent digital game of piñata ad infinitum, here are loot-based aRPGs gamers need to thảm bại themselves into.

Updated October 19th, 2022, by Sid Natividad: kích hoạt RPGs, or aRPGs remain ever-popular these days, especially with the influx of remakes và new titles that keep challenging the industry standards. Thus, it's only right that we update this menu of the best aRPGs so that you get the bigger picture regarding which among them are worth your time.

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After all, the best aRPGs will demand hundreds of hours of gameplay if you want to get to lớn the endgame or late-game content. Kiểm tra out what we've added to lớn the list. All of them are solid và bonafide aRPGs in their own right; they have plenty of loot lớn keep you busy.


Release year: năm trước Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows Eternium is a good option if you want to hack và slash for loot wherever you are since it's available on mobile devices. Unlike the infamous Diablo Immortal, Eternium doesn't shower its players with aggressive monetization options, & that's why it's one of the most highly-regarded aRPGs today.

On the PC, it's still in the early access phase though it's a better choice if you want upgraded visuals. As far as aRPG gameplay goes, Eternium is a familiar experience. There is evil roaming around in dungeons; these evil enemies have loot, và you have the means lớn extract this loot. It's a tried and tested success formula.

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