Game con gà trống

Cranium Conga will get your whole family laughing out loud as you act, sculpt, guesstimate, và pichồng hilarious words.

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300 game cardsmusical timer with an erasable secret answer pad6 Conga scoring cases96 scoring tilesTub of cool Cranium ClayInstructions

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to lớn be the first player khổng lồ fill your Conga scoring case with scoring tiles. You win tiles by completing activities with other players before time runs out.

Getting Ready



1 Set out the card dechồng, scoring tiles, Cranium Clay, and Conga timer.


2 Give sầu each player a Conga scoring case

Now you're ready lớn get started! The person whose birthday is coming up next goes first.

Game Play

On your turn:

Draw a thẻ from the d see which of the four C activities you will bởi. Read the whole thẻ out loud to lớn the other players. See the rules on the baông xã page for each type of activity.


Think of an answer 3 that you can get the other players khổng lồ guess. Write it down on the secret pad. Don't let anyone see your answer!


Cthất bại the cover on the secret pad to lớn start the Conga timer. Pass the Conga timer lớn the player on your left. This person is the first guesser.


Start the activity. Follow the rules on the bachồng page khổng lồ help the other players guess your answer.


The first guesser makes one guess and hits the green guess button. After each guess you'll say whether the guesser was right or wrong.

If that guess is wrong, the guesser quickly passes the Conga timer khổng lồ the next player.

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Players keep guessing, hitting the guess button, và passing until someone guesses correctly or time runs out.

The timer is random. It might stop after just ten seconds, but it could go for as long as a minute. So guess quickly before the timer goes off!



If Somebody Guesses Correctly...

Stop the Conga timer by opening the secret pad.

Collect your scoring tiles. You and the person who guessed correctly each win the number of tiles shown by the scoring lights on the Conga timer.

Now your turn is over.

The player lớn your left goes next.

If Time Runs Out...

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If it's your turn, you don't score, and the player holding the timer when time ran out doesn't score, either.

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