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"PG Baseball Showcase/Softball Combine attendees looking to order a premium skills clip from a past or future events, please contact SkillShow at 1-833-NEED-VID (633-3843) or order

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Perfect game scouts assign a PG grade to lớn all players that are evaluated at a PG Showcase. In order to receive a PG Grade, players must attend a Showcase lớn complete their full evaluation.
WHAT IS IT? Team Last Played is the team with which the player last attended a PG tournament. It will be updated when the player is rostered và attends with each team.

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WHAT IS IT? The maximum speed of the sweet spot of the barrel of the bat during the swing. The sweet spot is 20% of the bat length from the tip of the bat. ON-FIELD IMPACT High bat tốc độ produces high ball exit speed, so increasing your barrel speed is an important goal. Keep in mind that you need khổng lồ “square up the ball” to maximize your ball exit speed.
WHAT IS IT? The momentum your bat has at impact. Impact momentum is a combination of the barrel tốc độ at impact and the weight of the bat. ON-FIELD IMPACT Increasing your impact momentum directly translates lớn a higher ball exit velocity. Higher impact momentum means better potential for further hits và higher exit velocity.
WHAT IS IT? The maximum acceleration the bat experiences during the swing, measured in “g’s”. To lớn be clear, acceleration is not how fast the bat is moving; that’s barrel speed. Acceleration determines how quickly you can reach that vị trí cao nhất speed. ON-FIELD IMPACT More acceleration means that you can reach your max barrel tốc độ quicker. Higher acceleration lets you wait a little longer before you decide to swing, & in some cases means that you can maintain higher bat tốc độ for more of the swing.
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Conlon Walker is a 2023 OF/LHP, 1B with a 6-1 195 lb. Frame from Smyrna, GA who attends Whitefield Academy. Large frame with a filled out build showing strength throughout. Ran a 6.82 second sixty yard dash. Primary Outfielder, working quickly into the baseball as he proved to athletic in his actions. Clean gather lớn the side as he works quickly into release. Arm strength present as he threw it 81 mph during drills. Fundamentally sound with feel for the position present. Left-Handed Hitter, starting balanced while slightly open as he works into a shorter leg lift to lớn stride. Keeps weight on backside as he works into a linear path. Strength in the hands present as he generates easy bat speed. Power lớn the middle of the field present as he proved he could backspin baseballs. Projects even more nguồn down the road. Outstanding Student. Named to lớn WWBA Workout vị trí cao nhất Prospect List.

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