Garena free fire game

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a popular survival shooter game, which features an action-packed battle aước ao multiple players. This Android game was one of the first few to focus on a mysterious storyline, where players face each other on a deserted islvà. You can either play alone or be a part of a squad. To win the game, you need to lớn protect yourself from radiation and enemies.

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Multiple customizations, fast-paced sequences, and engaging gameplay

Developed by Garena International, this battle royale game has been able lớn build a solid community of fans and followers around the world. The action game was released before the hugely popular PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Battle Royale, and thiết bị di động Legends Bang Bang. The action game is distinct, original, và doesn’t rip off other titles in this category.

What is the objective sầu of the game?

In this fast-paced survival shooter game, the concept is based on multiplayer gameplay. This means that the game isn’t available offline. While playing the game through an online server, you can choose from two different modes. The first one focuses on an island-wide, free-for-all approach. In this version, 40 players face off against each other lớn win the game. The second one is a bit smaller & makes teams of four players each. The objective sầu remains the same.

How’s the gameplay?

Compared lớn other thiết bị di động games, Free Fire Battlegrounds comes with easy-to-use controls. The main player can move sầu in crawl, crouch, và standing positions. The game adopts a partially automatic shoot style, where the target point turns red to lớn let you know about the exact location of the enemy.

The game has multiple safe zones, where you can rest và prevent further damage khổng lồ your health from the island’s radiation. As the game progresses, these zones turn smaller. While the play lasts for just ten minutes, the objective sầu is lớn conserve sầu your energy till the kết thúc.

The battle royale game has limited ammunition, and you need lớn purchase guns, grenades, and other items lớn attain more powers. There are also multiple health packs available to keep you going till the end of the game. You can also use ‘diamonds’ and other in-game objects to purchase cars.

The vehicles & guns are simple khổng lồ use. The on-screen compass helps you navigate the various moves in this action game. While driving a oto, you can’t shoot other players. However, you can go on a killing rampage by running them over. While the visuals seem outdated in certain sequences, the background score keeps you hooked.

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What about customizations?

Unlượt thích other Android games in this category, this one comes with multiple customization options. In fact, the character customizations keep the game interesting at every step. Most characters don’t seem lượt thích usual human beings, & some of them even come with pets or certain accessories. As mentioned earlier, you can use ‘diamonds’ khổng lồ improve & customize avatars, purchase ammunition, and drive sầu cars through extensive sầu maps.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t come across as a serious survival shooter game. It would rather focus on a fun, cartoonish appearance approach. The ability khổng lồ change weapons, increase health meters, và drive sầu cars comes with weird graphics.

Having said that, Free Fire Battlegrounds receives new skins, customizations, avatars, và weapons on a regular basis. The development team also organizes special events, promotions, và deals.

Also, some servers in this thiết bị di động game are slow. You shouldn’t be surprised if you’re kicked off one randomly. The game needs quite a few bug fixes, and you’ll experience some minor glitches from time lớn time. Hopefully, future updates will resolve such issues.

Our take

Overall, this action game is fun to lớn play. It can keep you occupied for hours in one go. Unfortunately, the slow servers và constant glitches have sầu been hampering its growth in an already tightly packed gaming category.

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Should you download it?

The battle royale game is a fast-paced offering from Garena International. With action-packed sequences, multiple customizations, and support for cars, upgrades, & weapons, Free Fire Battlegrounds doesn’t disappoint. In fact, the engaging gameplay keeps bringing you back to lớn the island where anything goes lớn win the game.

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