13 amazing manga with game system and op mc


Hello everyone! Today we will be sharing with you 28 BEST Manhwa with a trò chơi System. Like always, these aren’t factually ranked. They are based entirely on my thoughts và opinions.

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Without further ado, let’s get started!


Builder is a Manhwa that takes place in the near future. Humans can now dream about whatever they may desire. People that want khổng lồ become Gods in this dream world are called Builders—so why does our MC want khổng lồ be a Builder?

This is a Virtual Reality MMORPG Manhwa that has a lot of fans. But I’m not one of them. Listen, Quote The Anime is all about being honest with our viewers. This Manhwa was not my cup of tea.

I couldn’t get used to lớn the art style and although the plot is fine, I can’t bring myself lớn put it any higher than this on my list.

But I do have another recommendation if you didn’t lượt thích Builder. It doesn’t have a game system, but it has similar aspects to one.


This Manhwa deserves to lớn be in the top 10 of any blog at least. Instead of fighting monsters, it’s more economical in terms of trading & using powers of different worlds.

It’s about a 33-year-old man named Erun Steelguard who got lost everything và died. His life was pretty sad, to lớn say the least. This Manhwa does not have a gaming system embedded in its plot; however, it has a lot of the elements that series like The game thủ and Solo Leveling have.

You start from zero, & if you aren’t learning the obstacles & tricks of the game, you will die. I couldn’t not include this Manhwa in this blog because finance và economics is a very dangerous game to play.

But because these don’t have actual explicit gaming system aspects, despite how remarkable they are, I will be placing them both lower on this list. Nevertheless, I want you all khổng lồ read them because they are gold, and in my humble opinion, their storylines are much better than a lot of the higher ranked series on this list.


Poor dude. Gong Won Ho lost all his stats và data after becoming a đứng top player in Lucid Adventure. If I were him, I would sbe super pissed. Imagine losing all that time & effort!

I’d pack my bags và call it a day—for the rest of my life. But that’s not what our MC does! He starts all over again in màn chơi 1.


The main character Jung mê say Woo doesn’t have friends. That’s nothing to be ashamed about, but it does make you question why?

Well, he’s not an exciting person. There’s nothing interesting about him. He’s a bland guy that lives an average life. However, his average life takes a turn where all of a sudden, Sky Castles are floating in the air.

These Sky Castles bestow certain people special powers và even wings. Since si Woo is the main character, you’d think he got at least one of them.

Yeah, no. He got nothing. Don’t you think that’s a bit interesting for a Manhwa MC?


Just a heads up: the alternative title in English for Ultimate Scheming System is Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. 

The main character is a world traveler named Xue Que. This dude bluffs all the time. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but Xue Que bluffs when he needs to.

He also has the Ultimate Scheming System, but that’s probably not important. It can repair broken fire spiritual roots và give him other elements—no biggie.

Guys, Hanyeol has it tough. He lives in a world filled with monsters, & he doesn’t have any special powers.

Isn’t that crazy?! Usually, MCs have incredible strength or something khổng lồ fight their way to the finish line. Not him though.

He ends up being the supportive sideline during tasks. However, one day, he is gifted with extraordinary abilities. That right there sounds more like a standard MC!

Anyway, Hanyeol with his new powers is now ready khổng lồ take it up a notch lớn the next level!

Solo Hunting is a Manhwa with two main English alternative titles: Auto HuntingOnly I tự động Hunt.

It’s about a restaurant worker who works himself khổng lồ the bone. His name is Oh Yunsung. He lives in a world that is under attack by monsters coming from the fracture.

On one tough workday, he awakens an ability lớn automatically hunt down these monsters with exact precision!

Oh Yunsung can hunt monsters with this new physical prowess similar to lớn that in MMORPG. He just needs lớn press the tự động Hunting Button, & his adventures will soon begin.

The main character of Bug Player is a certified geek who knows every little thing about his favorite MMO clip game. His precious trò chơi is called Paradiso.

Taepung Shin, the MC, wants nothing more in life than lớn spend his time playing Paradiso. Well, what if life doesn’t want him?

He ends up dying, & the kết thúc of the story. Just kidding. He gets reincarnated into Paradiso. But there is a catch. He is reincarnated as Jared— a delinquent lord.

This Manhwa is a crazy, I tell you!

FFF Class Trashero is about our main character, Kang Han Soo, who is summoned to lớn the world of Fantasia for ten years straight. Kang Han Soo must defeat the Demon Lord if he wants to lớn go back lớn his original world.

Our OP protagonist ends up beating the Demon Lord. So, shouldn’t he be in his world by now? No, he unfortunately is denied entry lớn Earth.

I am the Sorcerer King is another fantastic Manhwa with gorgeous art! It’s about Lee Sung Hoon, our protagonist of the series và how awful his hunting skills are.

He’s so bad at hunting, that other hunters use him as bait for the monsters! Doesn’t that hurt a bit?! Both physically và emotionally?

However, one day, Lee Sung Hoon remembers his past as the Sorcerer King! He really went from dog food to lớn gourmet meals, man.

Anyway, this is a great read if you’re looking for a riveting story about monsters, dungeons, & a đứng top tier trò chơi system.

This is another story about one unlucky dude. Ryu Han Bin has just been discharged from his mandatory military service. He should take it easy, eat some trang chủ cooked meals, or at least go on a vacation. Military service is hard!

However, life isn’t working well with Ryu Han Bin. He ends up almost immediately being transported khổng lồ another world.

Now, let’s see if his military training will help him survive in this monster world!

Overgeared Manhwa is centered on a virtual reality game called Satisfy that was created by the world’s đứng đầu scientists.

The reason why I lượt thích this story is because the main character is complex. I can’t believe this is a 2-D person. He is jealous, shallow, & doesn’t have a backbone.

It’s always refreshing lớn have an MC that isn’t pure hearted. Or maybe I’m twisted, who knows?

The Strongest Florist is about a man named Hwang Jae Ho who joins a virtual reality game. Standard, right? But our MC wants to mở cửa a flower shop! He wants to lớn live his life as a dedicated florist.

Our MC’s name is Jaeho. Isn’t his name already precious?!

Jaeho has a large and muscular build, so you wouldn’t expect him to be fawning over a couple of tulips. Isn’t that just adorable!

The manhwa also has over 50 chapters, so the story is long enough khổng lồ cover a lazy Saturday night.

This Manhwa might not captivate all of its readers for a number of reasons. The narrative is a bit common compared to the other stories in this list. The MC does something insane, then it just rinses và repeats.

I love me an OP character, however, I want lớn see them work towards improving their strength.

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But! Even though the general principle of this manhwa is generic, the author somehow manages lớn make the story thrilling và surprising.

It’s about a VRMMORPG trò chơi that’s dying currently. An experienced player becomes bankrupt, & he loses everything. What now? Well, he transmigrated 15 years ago when the trò chơi first appeared.

What will this veteran do? Will he continue to wallow in his depressing fate? Or will he fight his way against it?

Tomb Raider King is another lengthy series that might take you a couple of days to read. It’s about a tomb explorer known as Jooheon Suh who searches for The God’s Tombs after they start appearing around the world.

He collects relics that have legendary powers & such. But, with great power, there comes great responsibility—and most explorers forget that.

One thing leads to lớn another, và Jooheon Suh finds himself in a life-or-death situation. He doesn’t die, but instead travels 15 years back!


Murim Login is phối in an era where the world’s balance is thrown off by monsters. Jin Tae Kyung is a hunter, but a low ranked one at that.

One day, he picks up a VR machine và logs into a game of Martial Arts—which is pretty random. Anyway, Jin Tae Kyung accumulates a steady growth in skill & strength, và before you know it, he escapes the game.

He returns back khổng lồ his original world, but now as a new man. Will he remain a low ranked hunter, or will he strike fear into all that cross his path?

Oh my god. Before we start talking about this Manhwa, I need khổng lồ let you in on a secret of mine. I am the worst at games. No matter how many times I read the tutorial, or study a couple YouTube gaming experts, I can never get past the prologue stage.

Kim GiGyu is an 18-year-old guy who started his gaming life. He successfully clears the tutorial, so you’d think he’s got some progress.

Well, he doesn’t. No matter what this dude does, he can’t cấp độ up. He climbed the tower, he closed the gate, he even killed a goblin—yet he’s still stuck on cấp độ 1!

That kind of stuff frustrates me lớn no end because Kim isn’t like me. I suck, I have no talent, so I deserve to stay stuck at màn chơi 1.

But not my boy Kim.

Trapped in a web Novel as a Good for Nothing is a Manhwa with several alternative English titles: Trapped in a website Novel as a Trash, I’m alone in a Novel, and I Woke Up as the Villain.

I love me a good isekai story. A new chance at life in a completely different world sounds like bliss khổng lồ me. However, I don’t want khổng lồ reincarnate as the story’s villain.

Well, our main character does. But that’s only the beginning of this nightmare. This crazy villain that our MC possesses is not a clean plate that may have potential lớn survive.

Oh no. This villain has already made a mess before the MC took over. Whoopsies!

If you lượt thích playing MMORPGs, you’re going to love this series. You feel like you are the one inside this Virtual Reality game.

This is a prime example of a Manhwa staying true to its Light Novel.

Legendary MoonLight Sculptor is about a high school drop-out man named Lee Hyun who is a phenomenal gamer. He is considered lớn be a legend in the game Continent of Magic. He, like a lot of people, is in grave debt. So, what does Lee Hyun do? He auctions his gaming avatar off for 2.76 million dollars.

He manages to pay his debt off, with about $75,000 lớn spare. Lee Hyun now has to make money to support his sick grandmother và younger sister. But what can he possibly do? He’s a drop-out! Maybe the recently launched VR MMORPG can answer your question!

I’ve mentioned this Manhwa before in a few of my other blogs because the plot is a work of art. It already has a great art style, so it’s just a win after win for this one.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is about a catastrophe called The Shadow Labyrinth that wipes out mankind with only six remaining survivors.

Our MC, Desir Arman, is one of the survivors. The six people try to lớn clear the final level of the labyrinth; however, they fail in doing so.

Just when Desir thinks it’s all over, he returns to the past exactly three years before the emergence of the Shadow World. Will he be able lớn save the world? Or will he be destroyed in the process?

I love this story. Although I might seem easy lớn please, I am quite picky when it comes to lớn Manhwa và Manga. If I don’t vibe with something, I will tell you straight khổng lồ your face what you should and shouldn’t read.

Dungeon Reset is a definite recommendation. It does a splendid job of portraying a realist journey of a character becoming stronger over time and training. 

Dawoon, our MC, lived an ordinary life before he was summoned into a Dungeon. Now he isn’t looking for treasure. He’s trying lớn survive!

But that’s difficult because he is a total noob in combat! What will he do?

I don’t want lớn give you a summary of this Manhwa because it will spoil the insane plot twists. Will you trust me enough to read this story without knowing what it’s about? Please?

No? Fine. For those who are still iffy about this story, a brief introduction of Second Life Ranker is down below.

Yeon Woo is the MC of this series, and he once had a twin brother. His twin disappeared 5 years ago. Yeon Woo one day finds his twin’s pocket watch, và inside of it is a hidden diary. In this diary, there are entries about his brother’s life in Obelisk: The Tower of the Sun God. 

In this world universes và dimensions interact with one another—which I find mind blowing. Yeon Woo finds out that his brother died while trying to climb this tower. Now, he too will follow in his late brother’s footsteps.

It would be my dream khổng lồ play in a game where I need to lớn eat to cấp độ up. Actually, this isn’t a good time to lớn crack a joke.

Our main character has a rare illness that is characterized as an eating disorder. Since he is bulimic, he has to lớn watch what he eats.

But his situation isn’t looking too great. So, his doctor recommends him lớn play Athens, which is an alternate Reality Game.

Would you believe me if I told you playing this trò chơi may save his life?

This manhwa has taken over my Tik Tok’s For You Page—and I’m not mad about it. The art style never fails khổng lồ impress me, và the story is out of this world.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is about Dokja, our MC, who is an office worker, so he isn’t living his best life. The only joy he has is reading the web novel Three Ways lớn Survive the Apocalypse. 

However, his boring life changes when he wakes up in the novel he had just finished!

To be honest, I don’t want there lớn be an anime adaption for Solo Leveling. That terrifies me. The manhwa is so perfect that it’s đứng đầu tier. And the only other way from the đứng đầu is down. If a studio tries to take on this story, I’m afraid they won’t bởi the manhwa justice. The manhwa is just too amazing.

Solo Leveling is focused on Sung Ji Woo who is an E rank hunter. He hardly earns enough money by fighting in low leveled dungeons.

One day, he finds a hidden dungeon in one of his expeditions. However, in this dungeon, Sung Ji Woo receives a quest log—the secret lớn leveling up! 

The game thủ is about a high schooler named Han Ji Han. This kid miraculously gets a special ability that allows him khổng lồ treat his world as a game.

After developing this ability, Han Ji Han can see the power nguồn stats of the people around him, and on đứng top of that, he can even level up.

I wonder how Han Ji Han will use this power và how he fit into this newly discovered world!

Yay! That was fun lớn write! Surprisingly, there aren’t many MMORPG Virtual Reality Manhwas that are available online. But now you have a condensed danh mục of some really good ones!

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