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ANIMAL’s feature trò chơi Plan asks game developers khổng lồ chia sẻ a bit about their process & some working images from the creation of a recent game. This week, we spoke with Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach about Plug & Play, a short game based on a shorter film.

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When I asked Swiss artist Michael Frei about the seemingly overt sexuality of his 2012 short film/2015 iOS game Plug & Play—it’s full of tiny people with electrical plugs và sockets for heads and elongated, erect fingers—he replied that he doesn’t lượt thích to answer questions about the meanings of his work. “It’s really up khổng lồ the viewer,” he said, và he wasn’t just being coy.


Kill Screen’s convinced that Plug & Play is about “the hopelessness of digital communication,” but the perv in me finds it hard to lớn get past all the penetration. “I’m aware that it sometimes can confuse people, và I like that,” Frei confessed.

Frei drew the original film, which was met with accolades baông chồng in 2012, entirely using a single finger on a máy vi tính touchpad. His work in general is suffused with fingers, & he’s fascinated by them. But he chose that unconventional đầu vào method for a very practical reason.

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He knew he wanted to lớn develop Plug & Play inlớn a game before he even began animating the film. That was partially because fewer than 10 percent of the people who clicked “play” on his previous short film, Not About Us, watched it to the end. “That kind of was something that had an impression on me, & I started khổng lồ think of how I could tell a story in a way that people could take advantage of the interactive sầu possibilities,” he said. And he thought, correctly, that players would be more engaged with, và more likely to finish, something interactive. It worked: Around 50% of people who’ve bought the game so far played it to lớn the end, according khổng lồ the developers’ data.

Frei is interested in game thiết kế, but he searched for six months for someone who could help hyên with this project. He liked Rickenbach’s other games, và the two saw eye-to-eye on Plug & Play. “When we discussed what we wanted to do as a game based on this film, we had kind of a similar direction—to apply not a traditional game genre on it, but just to lớn really take the film as what it is,” Rickenbach said.

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Artistically, though, Plug & Play was an important exercise in transtruyền thông. Frei và Rickenbach don’t really think of it as a game adapted from a film; it’s both. “If you look at it next to each other, it will be just your decision if you prefer lớn watch a film or khổng lồ play a game, but it should be the same quality, also the same content in both truyền thông, and not one thing should be, lượt thích, a copy of the other, or the game should be lượt thích a cheap version of the film,” Rickenbach said. And when it comes khổng lồ films-cum-video clip games, that is a rare enough thing lớn take note of.

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