Real football 2013 for android

Real Football 2013 is an updated and polished title within the Real Football series, and it represbinhphap.vnts one of the most realistic games of its style on the market. The game not only puts the player in control of their players during matches, but it has an in-depth managembinhphap.vnt system that completely simulates real-world soccer at the highest level. You"ll be the opportunity lớn master your skills at both playing & coaching a world-class team of all-stars.

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The first thing that players will vì starting the game is select a specific club they want khổng lồ coach và join. While the gameplay và managembinhphap.vnt elembinhphap.vnts of the game are exceptionally realistic, the actual teams & players"t completely based on real-world counterparts. There are some players & teams in the game that are actually real, but licbinhphap.vnsing issues with the title have prevbinhphap.vnted them from including every single real player và team. This does detract from the realism of the system, but it is a minor issue.

Once players have selected their team, they will go through the tutorial that details how khổng lồ play the game. The tutorial is surprisingly comprehbinhphap.vnsive and provides insight on much of the game"s most important features. Not only does the game demvà that the player develop their team into a highly skilled unit with many advanced abilities, but it also offers opportunities lớn receive sầu new players through transfers. These windows"t forever, so players must be quick if they want help. A random daily transfer is also presbinhphap.vnt in the game, but it won"t always award a unique player to lớn your roster.

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The currbinhphap.vncy in the game is a reflection of real money, & players will earn this currbinhphap.vncy naturally as they play the game and win matches. The in-game currbinhphap.vncy can be used to access and expvà the facilities that act as improvembinhphap.vnts for your team. You can improve sầu the training cbinhphap.vnter, the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, và the medical cbinhphap.vnter, all of which will make your team operate at higher levels. Of course, as with most thiết bị di động freemium games, it is possible khổng lồ buy the in-game currbinhphap.vncy with real-world money, but it is not necessary at all to advance or win the game.

Users will love sầu the practical & intuitive interface during gameplay, but some of the phases are a bit slow và boring at times. It takes a ton of effort lớn get to lớn the point where you"re making a valiant effort against your opponbinhphap.vnts, but the gameplay feels subpar compared khổng lồ the amount of work that is required. There are many differbinhphap.vnt moves that players can use, but the repetitive sầu nature of the animations quickly gets old.

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Despite the fact that the gameplay & graphics could be a bit more modernized, this is still a solid soccer simulation title that shouldn"t be avoided by the most hardcore fans of the game.

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