For this week’s Resource Highlight, we’ll be looking at someone who’s done a little bit of everything. Materials by Haydeos! is a great thread to lớn explore if you're looking for a little inspiration for battles và maps! If you own MV then you can use his great edits lớn take your trò chơi to the next level.

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Materials by Haydeos! Thread

For those of us who love having interesting buildings filling up your village maps but suffer from boxy-boring-building-itis, Haydeos has us covered! He has made multiple pre-built buildings, from small homes perfect for your hero’s farmer parents to lớn a grand building that could serve as an inn, a village leader’s house, or even a guild hall. Any game could use these houses as inspiration to lớn make the town buildings into homes that tell a story about the people who live there.

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Of course, pre-built houses aren’t the only tile edits he’s made. Haydeos has made plenty of recolors và edits lớn floor and wall autotiles to lớn help you build the perfect interior, as well as clumped plants khổng lồ make your wilder areas look even more overgrown. A selection of beds gives you the opportunity khổng lồ choose one that will fit your NPCs. Give your young NPC a bed with a teddy bear already sitting on it, or a hard-working farmer a well-deserved breakfast in bed. If caverns are more your speed, Haydeos has you covered with curved cave walls & submerged stones and bones khổng lồ really improve the damp cave’s atmosphere.

Tiles aren’t the only thing you’ll find in his thread though! For those who want to include more non-human SV battlers into your party, Haydeos has made some incredible beasts. A huge Dire Wolf would be an excellent addition to any party, ready to leap & take a bite out of any enemy! & who hasn’t wanted to let a các buổi tiệc nhỏ member transform into an enormous Wererat? Those aren’t the only full SV battlers to lớn be found though, Haydeos has some more silly options as well. If you want to lớn make an unusual game, why not have it star Fritz, Henry, & Clara, three unique rats who could bring some comedy to lớn your battle? Each battler has a few recolors, so you can choose the perfect one lớn fit into your game’s world!


If you’re looking for something a bit different for resources, kiểm tra out Haydeos’ trading thẻ assets. He’s set up backgrounds, frames, and some of MV’s images lớn let you create your own card deck for whatever you need them for. Want to have some simple thẻ games in your game, but don’t want to use normal-looking cards? Make your own with these assets! You could even use some of MZ’s bust art or enemies to lớn make summoning cards to use in your game’s battles, the only limit is your own imagination!


This highlight only scratches the surface of what Haydeos’ thread contains! If you’re looking for new icons or a saber lớn use in battle, he has some options too. MV sprites và a few useful behaviors such as a maid sweeping can also be found under his ‘Characters’ section.

So what are you waiting for? Go kiểm tra out Materials by Haydeos! and find that addition that will make your game even better!

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