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Ever dreamed about sex with a flight attendant? Can"t take your eyes off that sexy unisize during the security demonstration? Then it"s time you start your own airline, hire the most sexy flight attendants from around the world và exchange naughty messages via the company messenger. Will you be lucky enough lớn lvà in her pants?Sexy Airlines is a management idle game in which you manage an airline khổng lồ become both rich and lucky. Upgrade planes lớn earn more money, unlock new destinations khổng lồ hire more flight attendants and send them gifts to receive numerous sexy pictures và animations. Come fly with us!Ready lớn join the mile high club? Find out more in our game reviews here

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● Manage your own airline & date sexy flight attendants from around the world! ● Upgrade your planes lớn earn more money và increase your CEO cấp độ with each reset● Unlochồng +12 Destinations with +24 Flight attendants - hire hot girls from Paris, Rome và Prague to lớn Thành Phố New York, Cape Town and Tokyo, each with their chất lượng personality ● +5 message threads per flight attendant unloông xã numerous sexy pictures và animations centered around aviation - are you always a gentleman or will you naughty messages get them into lớn your bed? ● Rankings and regular events ● Free khổng lồ Play, uncensored● Playable on PC & Mobile

Hello Captains!This weekend we are spending some extra private time with our Indian Flight Attendants with two new unloông chồng scenes available in their profiles:- 2 new Unloông chồng Animations for Shreya và Raveena- 2 new Costumes for Shreya & Raveena- Unlock with Incense Sticks, found in luggage worldwide (more in India)- Event starts on 28.05.2021 7AM UTC và lasts until 01.06.2021 7AM UTCJust restart the game & enjoy your stay in Shreya và Raveena!Your Airlines-Team
Hello Captains,Bela"s Isl& trip is back! Enjoy a weekend with her, Melimãng cầu and Thidomain authority on the beautiful spanish isl& Ibiza và unloông xã a brvà new orgy in her sự kiện destination profile!► Event destination Ibiza► A br& new interactive orgy ► 4 event threads (giving a +0,5 sponsoring boost each)► 2 new costumes (Thidomain authority, Melina)► to unloông xã supply the girls with enough cocktails:1) Bloody Mary: BER, DME, CPT và LCA2) Old Fashioned: FCO, DEL, NRT & ICN3) Mojito: CDG, LHR, CUN & GIG4) Pimãng cầu Colada: PRG, JFK, BKK, PVG & LAX► In IBZ drops every cocktail►Event start at 21.05.2021 7AM UTC & lasts until May 26th 7am UTCNo App update is required but a restart of the game.Enjoy your stay on Ibiza và have sầu fun with Bela and her girls!Your Airlines-Team

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Casual • Adventure • kích hoạt Adventure Gay Harem FREE

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Simulation • Clicker • Casual Brazzers The trò chơi FREE
Casual • RPG Long Lost Lust FREE
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