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Garmin demonstrates just how much a fitness wearable can do—for the right price.

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Valentina Palladino - Jul 29, 2018 1:00 pm UTC


It may not look lượt thích it on the surface, but Garmin"s new Fenix 5 Plus fitness watches are quite different from last year"s models. Yes, they still have sầu a kiến thiết that tries to mesh sport và style as seamlessly as possible, but inside the 5S, 5, and 5X Plus models have much-needed new features.

Garmin Pay & music storage are now standard on the high-end smartwatches, making them better outdoor companions both when you"re out for a run & when you run out for coffee và forget your wallet. All three also have onboard mapping that lets you discover new training routes while also helping you navigate unfamiliar areas without your điện thoại thông minh. The top-tier Fenix 5X Plus even contains a pulse oximeter lớn help you avoid dangerous situations during high-altitude training.

All of this comes at a high price—the Fenix 5 Plus series starts at $699. But if you"re a sports enthusiast, triathlete, or a Garmin tín đồ, you probably could have guessed that. While ridiculously expensive for most, Fenix smartwatches have sầu a reputation for offering exactly what some sporting people need khổng lồ monitor their progress và push their training to the next màn chơi. The Fenix 5 Plus line is no exception.


Those familiar with Garmin"s Fenix line know the drill by now: we have sầu three primary models that have different case sizes and battery lives and slight differences in feature sets. I tested out the $699 Fenix 5S Plus because it"s the model that fit my wrist best. With a 42mm case, the Fenix 5S Plus will be the most comfortable of the three for those with small wrists, & while it"s bigger than Garmin"s other high-kết thúc watches, it didn"t weigh down my wrist as much as I expected it lớn. The Fenix 5 Plus & the Fenix 5S Plus have sầu 47mm và 51mm cases, respectively.

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The look and layout of the new Fenix devices don"t vary with models: all of them have sầu five sầu physical buttons that access the Activity menu, turn on the screen"s backlight, & navigate up, down, and baông chồng on the screen. You"ll find no touchscreens on these watches, & that"s a signature of Garmin"s more advanced wearables. Touchscreens can get wonky in bad weather or when you"re particularly sweaty, making physical buttons the preferred input method for many athletes. Surrounding my model"s 1.2-inch, 240×240-resolution Chroma display is a stainless-steel bezel, and the case itself is made of a fiber-reinforced polymer with a metal rear cover. Garmin makes sapphire editions of each Fenix 5 Plus model, so you can get your device with either a sapphire crystal or a glass lens.


Admittedly, the new Fenix devices don"t look that much different from the old ones. However, I"m consistently impressed with Garmin"s ability to lớn streamline the designs of its high-end devices, particularly those like the Fenix devices that have a plethora of included sensors. All of these new Fenix 5 Plus models also have new music storage space, NFC tech for Garmin Pay, & onboard mapping, so this tiny wrist computer manages even more data than the previous Fenix devices. Even so, the Fenix 5S Plus I tested felt lighter on my wrist than the preceding mã sản phẩm & blended in a bit better with both regular & workout clothes.

Other shared features among muốn all of the Fenix 5 Plus models include water-resistance up to 10ATM, 16GB of memory, interchangeable 20milimet bands, embedded GPS/GLONASS/Galileo sensors, an optical heart rate monitor, barometric altimeter, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, and thermometer. The Fenix 5X Plus also includes a Pulse Ox sensor, and we"ll discuss that giải pháp công nghệ briefly in the coming sections.

The Fenix family is known for having some of the most advanced features in Garmin"s wearable lineup, và these watches also last longer on a single charge than most modern smartwatches. The Fenix 5S can last seven days or four hours in GPS/music mode; the Fenix 5 Plus lasts 10 days or 8 hours in GPS/music mode; and the Fenix 5X Plus lasts up khổng lồ 20 days or 13 hours in GPS/music mode. Wearable battery lives have gotten better over the past few years, but competitors like the Apple Watch Series 3 và most WearOS devices still can"t match the Fenix 5S Plus. More appropriate comparisons come from other fitness-focused devices like Fitbit"s Ionic & Garmin"s own Vivoactive 3 Music.

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