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Au sản phẩm điện thoại VNG is a quality music game that plays on a recently released thiết bị di động phone, và there are also a lot of Au Mobile VNG game codes sent lớn gamers during this batch. And if you are a tín đồ of the music game genre, you should not ignore the opportunity to receive sầu Au điện thoại VNG code.

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Au điện thoại VNG is one of VNG’s newest products this year, a music game that competes directly with Au thiết bị di động VTC. And on the occasion of this newly released game, a series of Au Smartphone VNG game codes have been sent to lớn gamers, anyone can receive & enter the Au di động VNG Giftcode if you follow the article below.

And for the convenience of receiving & entering Au di động VNG code, encourages readers lớn use BlueStacks because we can completely play Au di động VNG on the computer through BlueStacks. With BlueStacks, playing Au Smartphone VNG on the computer is very simple, moreover this game is fully supported.

Instructions lớn receive and enter code Au thiết bị di động VNG

Step 1: To be able lớn receive the Au thiết bị di động VNG game gifcode you must first visit the liên kết HERE, then scroll down lớn the bottom of the page và cliông xã Get Code.


Step 2: Soon the Au mobile VNG code will appear, please copy it because we just need to lớn paste it inlớn BlueStacks if you are playing Au thiết bị di động VNG on your computer.

Note: The code in the article has been used, please vày not enter this code.


Step 3: To enter the Au thiết bị di động VNG code, in the Au sản phẩm điện thoại VNG game interface, click Right corner icon then pull it down choose setting as shown below.

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Step 4: The setup section appears you choose lớn continue Gift code to lớn enter giftcode Au điện thoại VNG.


Step 5: Here you just have sầu to copy & paste Au điện thoại VNG code Clichồng to receive just now & then clichồng on receive sầu if you are using BlueStacks. If we enter it on a computer, we have lớn type each letter.


Step 6: Then you enter mail section lớn receive sầu gifts in your inventory because the Au sản phẩm điện thoại VNG code will be available mailed your.


Inside you will see the beginner code that VNG is for new players.


The above sầu are instructions on how lớn receive và enter the Au thiết bị di động VNG game code, a new music game worth playing and do not forget to lớn quickly receive sầu the Au Smartphone VNG code because the quantity is limited only.

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