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Dragon Ball: 10 of Goku's Best Kamehameha's, Ranked The kamehameha wave has been Goku"s signature for nearly all of the Dragon Ball series. It is a simple attaông chồng, but is incredibly powerful.

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Goku"s Kamehameha is definitely one of anime"s most iconic attacks. Just like how people who"ve never seen a single Star Wars film can recognize a Yodomain authority impersonation, people can also recognize the hvà sign and chant of a Kamehameha. As Goku"s signature move sầu, he"s used it countless times throughout the franchise to defeat powerful opponents, & we wanted lớn take some time & go over a few of his best Kamehameha"s. Keep in mind that "best" doesn"t necessarily mean the strongest. Here, we"re judging Goku"s Kamehameha"s on the flare and creativity he used lớn pull these off, as well as just how many fans (and the other characters) lost their minds when he did.

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How could we make a danh sách about Goku"s best Kamehameha"s without including his very first one? After Master Roshi debuted the attack, he mentioned that it took hyên 50 years lớn master the technique. We knew Goku was svào for a young boy his age baông chồng in the early episodes of Dragon Ball, but notoàn thân expected him lớn successfully use the Kamehameha on his first attempt. Sure, it wasn"t as strong as Master Roshi"s, but it was enough lớn demolish a small oto, something that a four-foot boy shouldn"t be able lớn vì. It was such an impressive sầu feat that it prompted Master Roshi khổng lồ take hyên on as his student, and the rest is history.

When Piccolo and Goku took their fight to lớn the sky above sầu the arena during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo knocked Goku khổng lồ the ground. To everyone"s shock, Goku, who hadn"t yet learned how lớn fly, managed lớn launch a Kamehameha from his feet that propelled him back up towards Piccolo. Nowadays, he would have no need for this technique, but when he first pulled it off, Master Roshi remarked how it was a maneuver that "only the most disciplined warriors can achieve". Not only was this the first time that we"d seen a Kamehameha come from anything except hands in the franchise, but this move was a testament to lớn how hard Goku had been training during Dragon Ball"s three-year time skip.

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After Frieza"s older brother, Cooler, launches a Supernova directly on top of Goku, Cooler began to rant about how not even a Super Saiyan could stop hyên ổn. It wasn"t long before Goku served hyên the ultimate troll after he propelled Cooler"s attaông chồng with a Kamehameha that he managed khổng lồ force out with the last of his strength. Cooler was easily pushed bachồng và carried directly into the sun, & an intense burst of solar energy that lit up the skies of the entire planet. Despite Goku almost destroying the sun & accomplishing what Cooler wanted to lớn in the first place, we have lớn admit, seeing Cooler disintegrate in an actual Supernova after being sandwiched between the sun and his own attachồng was pretty satisfying.

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7 The First Super Saiyan 4 Kamehameha

After learning about how the Saiyans drove sầu the Tuffles lớn extinction, fans wondered if there were any surviving Tuffles who would seek revenge for what had been done to lớn them. After Baby took over Vegeta"s toàn thân và took control over most of Earth"s residents, Goku realized that he would have sầu to lớn kill one of his closest friends if he wanted to save sầu everyone else. In one of the most dramatic Kamehameha"s of the franchise, Goku stands with his chest out like the nhân vật he"s always been, before charging separate orbs of energy in each hand and adopting the usual Kamehameha stance. What makes this Kamehameha all the more chất lượng was that fans truly got the time khổng lồ savor the moment. Goku merges the two orbs together to create the thick sphere of light xanh energy in between his palms that he would soon launch right inlớn Baby"s ape face. Sure, it didn"t vì chưng a thing, but it was awesome lớn see Goku reveling in his new size.

While it took Vegeta & Trunks"s combined might khổng lồ push baông xã Fused Zamasu"s Holy Wrath attack, Goku not only pushed the attachồng baông chồng on his own with a full-power Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha, but also managed to lớn penetrate the gigantic energy sphere, wounding Zamasu in the process. After one of the strongest Kamehameha"s in the entire franchise, Trunks noted that his arms looked peculiar, và by the barrage of kicks that Goku delivered to lớn Zamasu while his hands dangled by his sides, it was obvious that he"d broken his arms after such an intense discharge of energy. Not only was this probably one of the most reckless things Goku has ever done, but never before had we seen a fighter injure themselves so gravely after launching an energy wave.

5 King Kai Kamehameha?

Super Saiyan 3 was such a quality size. Not only did it deprive Goku of eyebrows for some inexplicable reason, but it cemented his place as the strongest Z-Fighter. That all changed in Dragon Ball Super when Goku struggled to lớn lvà a hit on Beerus even with his Super Saiyan 3 powers. He launched a Kamehameha right at the God of Destruction, who evaded it at the last second, only for King Kai"s planet to take the brunt of the blow. Thankfully it didn"t destroy the entire planet, but it did cause chunks of earth lớn erupt from the other side of King Kai"s tiny world. The silver lining here? King Kai won"t have sầu to lớn cut as much grass for a few weeks!

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During the Tournament of nguồn, Goku, Android 18, và Android 17 found themselves in a bit of a predicament when they became the victims of Universe 2"s strongest attack, Pretty Blaông xã Hole. Trapped in a cage of darkness, the three fighters faced the risk of being eliminated. Good thing the Androids had Goku by their side, because his Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha was enough lớn break through the attaông xã. The Kamehameha swerved through a void of dark hearts until it reached the over of the blaông xã prison, penetrating the wall of the Pretty Blachồng Hole & eliminating Universe 2"s final warriors. Fans hadn"t seen Goku bover a Kamehameha lượt thích that since the early days of Dragon Ball Z! Can you say finesse? We sure can!

3 Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Kamehameha

When Goku managed to lớn combine his Super Saiyan Blue abilities with the Kaioken, fans were excited to lớn see what kind of beating he"d serve Hit, who"d been pummeling hlặng inlớn the dirt with his Time Skip technique. Goku launched a powerful Kamehameha at Hit, và in a maneuver that still gives us headaches to this day, charged into lớn the blast after it had completely engulfed his opponent, và prepared to lớn give hlặng a beating of a lifetime. The blast was so powerful that it even cracked a barrier around the aremãng cầu that had been built by Vados! Basically, this Kamehameha nearly broke the series.

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Pushed to the limits of his Super Saiyan abilities, Goku was forced to lớn pull out all the stops during his fight against Perfect Cell. When Goku began to charge a Kamehameha with enough energy lớn destroy the entire planet, even Cell couldn"t believe sầu that he"d actually launch it from his position in the sky. At the last second, Goku used Instant Transmission khổng lồ get cthảm bại to Cell to lớn fire a blast so powerful at point-blank range that Cell"s entire upper torso exploded. This will forever rank as one of Goku"s best Kamehameha"s lớn date solely because he combined two very different techniques lớn create an entirely new one on the fly, solidifying his status as a combat genius.

1 Kamehameha Slide

During Goku"s battle with Kefla, he realized that his punches in Ultra Instinct -Sign- would have little effect on the fused Saiyan. Instead, he decided to lớn charge a Kamehameha while his body toàn thân automatically avoided Kefla"s attacks. When he approached her for the big finisher, she directed all of her energy inlớn her Gigantic Burst attaông xã, confident that he couldn"t dodge in midair. Before the attaông chồng could even touch hyên ổn, Goku managed to flip upside-down and slid up Kefla"s energy beam using the Kamehameha orb in between his hands. And yes, Kefla sure did get a point-blank Kamehameha. The blast was so powerful that she was propelled through the aremãng cầu floor! But in all honesty, what did we really expect from such a mighty warrior?

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