Samsung good lock: the ultimate guide to customizing your galaxy phone


Samsung"s Good Lock is a software suite that lets you unlock the full customization potential of your Galaxy phone. Basically, Good Lock contains a series of modules designed to lớn tweak every facet of the user interface, including the loông chồng screen, notification panel, recents thực đơn, and so much more. Need a vertical volume slider? You"ll be able khổng lồ phối it up using Good Loông chồng.

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Samsung overhauled Good Lock for 20đôi mươi, rolling out a phối of new modules that offer even more customization options. You just won"t find this cấp độ of customization with a third-tiệc nhỏ launcher, và it"s great khổng lồ see Samsung giving users the ability to tinker with the UI on their Galaxy phones. Good Lochồng 20trăng tròn has 13 modules on the Galaxy S20, so let"s get started và see why it is such a big khuyến mãi.

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LockStar brings robust customization options lớn the loông xã screen

Source: Harish Jonnalagaddomain authority / Android Central

LockStar is a new module that lets you configure the loông xã screen to lớn your preferences. You can move any lochồng screen element wherever you want, change the loông xã screen background, & select how notifications show up. There are four tabs: Position, Wallpaper, Cloông xã, & Items. LockStar needs access lớn your contacts và the phone"s storage to work.

The Position tab lets you move sầu the loông chồng screen elements around. That includes the cloông xã & any other FaceWidgets you may have installed on the loông chồng screen, notification ribbon, and the help text. There is a restricted area at the top of the screen for the status bar, and other than that particular zone, you have sầu the freedom to move the objects around anywhere you want.

With LockStar, you can change just about every element of the lock screen.

You can change the loông xã screen"s background by heading into the Wallpaper tab. Of course, you can always vày that from the phone"s settings, but with LockStar you get the option lớn configure all elements of the lock screen from a single location. In the same vein, the Clock tab lets you pichồng from all available clock faces, và rekích thước the cloông chồng itself.

Finally, the Items tab lets you select the elements that you want on the lochồng screen. If you want a minimal loông xã screen without a lot of clutter, you can disable the help text and shortcuts entirely, or even vày away with notifications và FaceWidgets. For notifications, you have the option of choosing between showing icons only or full details, which will show the full notification directly on the lock screen.

LockStar also lets you change the screen timeout of the lochồng screen. Overall, the cấp độ of customization on offer here makes LockStar one of the best modules within Good Loông xã, và if you"re interested in tweaking the loông chồng screen on your Galaxy phone, you will love sầu what the feature has lớn offer.

SoundAssistant finally brings a vertical volume slider to your Galaxy phone

Source: Harish Jonnalagaddomain authority / Android Central

Google introduced vertical volume controls in Android 9.0 Pie, but Samsung didn"t make the switch. With SoundAssistant, however, you can finally enable a vertical volume slider on your Galaxy phone. You"ll need khổng lồ toggle the Volume panel theme in the SoundAssistant settings, and doing so will switch khổng lồ a vertical slider.

The best part is that you can change the layout of the slider so that it shows up on the right or left side of the screen, and even adjust its position on the screen. There"s the option to lớn choose from six color options for the slider as well. SoundAssistant also lets you control individual phầm mềm volumes, and you can select all the truyền thông apps you"ve sầu installed on your phone and set a custom volume for each. You can even set the volume increments for whenever you press the volume key.

SoundAssistant gives you a laundry danh mục of customization options, và is a must-have if you play a lot of audio on your phone.

SoundAssistant has much more to lớn offer. One of its standout features is the ability khổng lồ control music playback with the volume keys. You"ll find the feature in the advanced settings, and when enabled, you can go khổng lồ the next or previous traông xã by pressing and holding the volume up or down keys.

Separate tiện ích sound is a useful feature for when you want to play media from one ứng dụng on a different device, like a Công nghệ Bluetooth speaker. With the feature, only media from that particular tiện ích will be played on your target device, & all other system sounds và alerts will continue to chime on your phone. You can select the phầm mềm & the target audio device once you enable the feature. There"s also Multi audio, which lets you play sounds from two apps at the same time. SoundAssistant also has an equalizer that lets you tweak the sound protệp tin of connected audio devices, & enable virtual Dolby effects. You can even phối a floating button for SoundAssistant that launches the service every time you press the volume key.

Another nifty feature in SoundAssistant is the ability lớn set custom sound profiles based on the time of day. For instance, you can set things up so that truyền thông and ringtones are muted during work hours, automatically enabled later in the evening, và muted again at night. You can configure the time & select what days of the week you want the custom profiles lớn kick in, & tailor the action that you want to mix for each mode.

Finally, you"ll find a host of useful features in the advanced settings. Mono audio lets you switch khổng lồ a single channel (for when you"re using a single earbud lớn listen lớn music), & you can also reverse the left and right channels. You can also mix a favorite truyền thông phầm mềm and control music on that phầm mềm when your press multimedia keys on công nghệ Bluetooth không dây earbuds or speakers, và there"s also the option to play và record sound via your phone"s mic when a selfie stichồng is plugged in.

Task Changer allows you khổng lồ switch to a card-based overview menu

Source: Harish Jonnalagaddomain authority / Android Central

Task Changer is a powerful utility that changes the look of the recents menu screen. If you miss the older card-style layout or prefer the iOS task switcher, you can use Task Changer to switch things up. There are six styles lớn choose from — Staông chồng is the mặc định, then there"s a List mode, Grid, Carousel, Slyên List, & Vertical Stack, which mimics the card layout from previous versions of Android.

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There"s also the option to choose a blur effect for the background & the ability to lớn switch to lớn previous apps when using nav gestures. If you"re not a người of the current overview thực đơn and would like lớn switch baông xã khổng lồ a card layout, Task Changer is ikhuyến mãi for your needs.

QuickStar brings colorful effects lớn the notification shade

Source: Harish Jonnalagaddomain authority / Android Central

Bored of the trắng & blue layout of the notification shade? QuickStar lets you change the look of the panel, with eight prephối colors to lớn choose from. You can choose a custom color scheme, giving you much more flexibility in changing the visual look of the notification panel.

There"s also the option khổng lồ choose what status bar icons show up, so if you"re not fond of the 4G or VoLTE icons that show up, you can disable them here. A nifty setting is the ability to switch the cloông chồng khổng lồ the left side of the status bar. If you want to lớn change the look of the notification panel, there"s plenty to lớn lượt thích in QuickStar.

Theme Park is the theming engine you"ve been waiting for

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

As the name suggests, Theme Park lets you create a new theme. You start by choosing an image that serves as the background & piông xã a mặc định color for the interface elements, an accent color, & inhỏ colors and labels. It basically makes it easy to lớn create a new theme based on a background, and the granular control makes it that much more fun khổng lồ tailor the UI khổng lồ your tastes.

Add new clock faces lớn the lock screen with Clockface

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

With Clockface, you get khổng lồ choose from a decent selection of cloông xã faces khổng lồ add khổng lồ Always On Display if your phone is running an AMOLED screen. If not, you get khổng lồ pick cloông chồng faces for the lock screen. You get 12 options, and as with everything else khổng lồ do with Good Loông chồng, you can customize the look of the clochồng faces.

Turbocharge multi-window mode with MultiStar

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

Wanted to lớn use multi-window mode with an tiện ích but weren"t able lớn vày so? MultiStar fixes that. It lets you enable multi-window on all apps, and lets you quickly launch multi-window mode by setting up shortcuts. You get fine-tuned control of how apps behave sầu in split view, and if you use multi-window mode a lot, you"ll love sầu the customization on offer here.

NavStar lets you change up the look of the legacy nav buttons

NavStar works if you mix the system mode khổng lồ the legacy navigation keys at the bottom of the screen instead of navigation gestures. The module essentially lets you change the look of the nav buttons, with eight different styles khổng lồ choose from.

There are a few quirky options on the các mục, including a food-themed nav key layout that includes a cheese wedge for the baông chồng button, cake for the home page button, and pizza for the recents thực đơn. If you haven"t made the switch to navigation gestures yet & want lớn change the look of the nav keys, NavStar is the feature for you.

Never miss a notification with NotiStar

If you missed a notification or swiped it by mistake, you can just go lớn NotiStar and see all the notifications your device received over the course of the day. It"s fun khổng lồ go in there khổng lồ see just how many notifications you get over 24 hours.

Get rid of accidental touches with EdgeTouch

Samsung pioneered dual-curved screens, và while the panels look stunning with the way they curve sầu outward, they"re not so great at usability. Accidental touches are a big problem, and Edgecảm ứng lets you set up zones where your touch won"t be recognized. There are three preset zones, but you can customize your own zone based on your use case.

Catch misbehaving apps with Nice Catch

Nice Catch logs every sự kiện on your phone: every time an app wakes the screen, every phone gọi, notification, & even every toast notification. You can even see what apps triggered the vibration motor in the last seven days, a detailed list of apps that woke up your device"s screen, apps that changed system settings, and so much more. If you"re worried about an errant ứng dụng using up battery cycles or waking the screen, you"ll find evidence of that here.

With EdgeLighting+, you won"t miss the notification LED as much

With the notification LED going the way of the 3.5milimet jaông xã, brands have sầu resorted to edge lighting as a visual cue for incoming notifications. EdgeLighting+ gives you eight different settings for notifications, và you can set up custom colors, adjust the width of the lighting effect, and the duration. I haven"t used Edge Lighting on Galaxy phones a lot, but it does make a difference — particularly if you used lớn rely on the notification LED a lot.

Use your phone one-handed with One H& Operation+

As the name suggests, One Hand Operation+ lets you easily control your phone one-handed. It extends the gesture controls on either side of the screen, và you can set custom actions based on your needs, including pulling down the notification shade, accessing the recents thực đơn, and much more.

Phones have been getting narrower & taller over the last three years, & One Hand Operation+ makes it that much easier khổng lồ mix up your phone for one-handed use.

Lots lớn kiểm tra out

Good Loông xã 20trăng tròn gives you an exhaustive sầu mix of tools to lớn change just about every facet of the user interface on your Galaxy phone. Credit where it"s due, Samsung has done a fantastic job with the utility. The sheer amount of customization on offer here makes Good Lock the perfect utility for changing the look và behavior of your phone.

The Galaxy Sđôi mươi has all the features you care about. There"s a gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED panel that"s the best you"ll find on any phone today, the lakiểm tra Qualcomm Snaprồng 865 chipmix with 5G connectivity, brand new camera sensors with exciting new modes, and a 4000mAh battery that lasts all day.

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