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After a while of thinking, I decided to lớn release this thủ thuật as open source. I will not work on it anymore & want people lớn be able lớn use my code for anything they need (for any purpose). Hope you enjoyed this mod as it lasted. Source Code Here"s a mod for people who love sầu racing! <<---- Drag Race by ZyDevs. ---->> New:Source code released. >Drag Race is a racing project built in the .NET scripthook.It is a racing gian lận that sets up a race, and you face 1 opponent khổng lồ the finish line.Right now it is in a very EARLY stage, it only has a few races và a lot of bugs that I will be fixing up soon. >Drag Race allows you to lớn race an opponent to lớn a finish line. The max tốc độ of the other driver will be around 210 km/h (131 mph). This thủ thuật is a very fun mod and will be improved on in the near future.
>ScriptHookV - Alexander Blade.NET ScriptHook - CrosireNATIVEUI - Guadmaz I NO LONGER INCLUDE NATIVEUI IN THE .RARDOWNLOAD IT FROM LINK ABOVE!  >-Download & Install ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade.-Download và Install ScriptHookV .NET by Crosire.-Download this tệp tin.-Place Drag Race.dll, NativeUI.dll và DragRace.ini from the .rar in scripts folder. > (Changeable)Open/Cthua trận Menu: OMenu Nabinhphap.vngation: Up/Down Arrow Keys (Up/Down) Enter/Return (Select) Left/Right Arrow Keys ( car selector ) (Menu is also controllable with your mouse!)Quit Race: NumPad1  >To change keys, open DragRace.iniIn DragRace.ini change the values khổng lồ whatever you like. >In .rar file is a file named "change.log"  ENJOY! Credits:Guadmaz - NativeUI (Best thực đơn base! Go here for more info)Alexander Blade- ScriptHookVCrosire/Johnnycrazy - Community .NET Extension   KNOWN ISSUES - none  Please Donate If You"re Feeling Generous, It Really Helps Me Out As A Developer :)

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