HeroWarz is an isometric action MMORPG with a wide selection of playable characters each with their own play style. Fight your way through endless hordes of mobs across a large number of maps.

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Publisher: KOG GamesPlayerbase: MediumType: Action RPGRelease Date: July đôi mươi, 2016Shut Down ("Temporary"): March 26, 2017Pros: +Huge selection of characters. +4v4 MOBA-stylized PvP.. +Isometric camera. +Character switching.Cons: -Small maps. -Grind gameplay. -Numerous loading screens.


HeroWarz Overview

HeroWarz is an isometric action RPG featuring a large library of characters to lớn choose from. Travel between isolated worlds, questing & leveling with a narrative driven by stylistic comic book story panels. Acquire new skills as your grind through over 100 levels. If you"re not happy with your character you can switch at any time, keeping the same username. Enter a maps & decimate endless hordes of creatures, ultimately summoning the boss mob. Fight efficiently and improve your score lớn reap better rewards at the end of the bản đồ, and piông chồng up charming score-improving tác phẩm from enemies such as cartoon ham và ice cream cones. Fight cooperatively with your friends or take to lớn the 4v4 PvP aremãng cầu and become the strongest fighter.

HeroWarz Key Features:

Difficulty Levels - each area"s difficlty can be ramped up khổng lồ provide further challenges và better rewards.Character Selection - choose between a large library of hero characters with distinct skillsets, và easily switch between them.Charming Aesthetics - from stylistic comic book narrative sầu sequences to lớn flopping fish và ice cream chiến thắng drop rewards.Over 100 Levels - persist through the endless grind featuring over 100 levels, unlocking new skills along the way.4v4 PvP.. - compete in 4v4 MOBA-stylized PvP.. arenas where players have 5 skills và gain experience by killing enemies.

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Full Review

HeroWarz Review

By, Sean Sullivan

HeroWarz is a character based ARPG where players tackle stage-based missions khổng lồ liquidate waves of winsome enemies. Simple controls và flashy abilities combine in a game that’s focused on combat. I jumped from one mission khổng lồ the next, plowing through mobs with little downtime. While it lacks depth, HeroWarz doesn’t pretkết thúc khổng lồ be a deep game. It’s straightforward—it’s redeeming quality. HeroWarz is not perfect either, but it does accomplish what it sets out khổng lồ bởi và is worth installing for any bạn of the genre.

Daunting Beginnings

I’m going to highlight HeroWarz’s biggest fault in paragraph two: HeroWarz does not have an independent launcher. Why am I installing a plugin và launching through a trang web instead of a client? Installing a plugin in năm 2016 lớn play a fleshed out game is ludicrous, creating the impression that HeroWarz is a browser clone, though it doesn’t play like one. I don’t see an advantage, other than some developer reveling in player frustration, or perhaps laziness. Put the game on Steam instead of having an inane launcher.


Finally launching HeroWarz places you at the character selection screen, where dubstep serenades your hero choice; get the blood flowing. Each character in the lineup is shown off through drawn portraits: a distinct style that individuates personality, while a small text summary further expands character stories. It’s enough lớn flesh out otherwise mannequin models and shows a màn chơi of care unexpected. I picked the Dual Swordsman named B.

No matter what hero you choose you’ll be dishing out AOE damage. My character B uses two swords and spins with his blades khổng lồ cut through as many enemies as possible. While my second character Hades uses a wrecking ball lớn slam group of mobs. Characters dish out DPS with radically different abilities, making it fun to lớn start a new playthrough rather than a chore. So long as you lượt thích ripping through mobs you won’t complain.

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Gameplay is hub-based. Players start in the main city & progress by accepting missions & traversing hallway maps popping with mobs. Most missions will have sầu their own brvà of belligerents: maybe one, two, or three enemy types. By purging the horde, players eventually summon a boss. Defeating the trùm unlocks a reward, and the chance for additional goodies through card-based RNG, whereby players choose faceless cards for random rewards.

Players on the same mission are automatically grouped together so long as you kiểm tra off “public channel” before entering the dungeon; up lớn four players can buổi tiệc ngọt together. Rather than being a hand-in-h& cooperative task gameplay together is more of a single player experience with other players tagging along lượt thích sidekicks. It’s not that different from a typical MMO experience, và I don’t mind silently working together lớn DPS bosses. Plus, bonus experience và tougher mobs still makes partying up preferable khổng lồ solo bolo.


Combat is chaotic. Enemies spawn in packs of a dozen lượt thích they"re in line for Noah’s Ark—animalistic creatures trying khổng lồ get out before the deluge of attacks. At first it’s difficult lớn determine what exactly is happening as whirlwinds & oversized anchors eat up most of the screen. Eventually the eyes adjust. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you’re responsible for reducing twelve chomping alligators to spinning coins.

Not every combat situations is a push-over. Oftentimes I ate a big bowl of damage và was forced to lớn drink a potion; players have infinite health potions that can be used every 30 seconds. Attention is required. So long as you’re not watching a movie on a second monitor there’s little reason lớn die. Although bosses also bởi vì have sầu mechanics that have to judged. There are no red markers like in WildStar. Players have sầu to determine what abilities lớn dodge by watching the boss’s animations. I witnessed a few careless player deaths during my playthroughs.

HeroWarz is combat focused và it knows it. HeroWarz ndoesn’t distract players with meaningless sidequests or overbearing dialogue. A condensed hubworld offers just enough room for players to lớn congregate while placing all essentials near each other so that it’s easy khổng lồ sell items or store them and quickly jump bachồng inkhổng lồ missions. There’s little downtime between the grind. It’s the formula refined.


I was surprised to find myself moderately entertained by HeroWarz’s story. While not reinventing the Hero"s Journey, developer A.storm has written coherence into a game based on jumping from one world to lớn the next: a child’s dreams become reality, destroying the world, và revealing a multiverse. Now the descendent of the child dreamer is locked within a mirror, and unless rescued the universe will crumble again. HeroWarz’s novelty is worth praising when the genre is saturated with narrative sầu spew. And the story continues through boisterous characters.

Character dialogue prefaces each mission, thankfully in the original Korean. Juxtaposed personalities bicker and villains rattle on about their villainry. While there’s more characters than the cast of trò chơi of Thrones the story doesn’t become indulgent like Final Fantasy. It walks the line between absurd và acceptable. Thankfully too. What would otherwise be a shallow universe, loosely linked as an excuse for players, is a justified experience. Though after a few missions I did skip through the story to lớn get right baông xã lớn combat.


Scrutinize HeroWarz under a magnifying glass & you’ll find blocky textures, simple character models, and compartmentalized environments. It’s easy khổng lồ write off. But the aesthetic simpliđô thị manages khổng lồ be pleasing. There is enough mob variety lớn allay the feeling of repeating the same mission with mobs of a slightly cooler hue, and cấp độ environments change before becoming stagnant. Skills are flashy and distinct, appealing regardless of character. Keep in mind the camera angle belies some of HeroWarz’s rougher edges, which perhaps explains why it can only be altered from options.

The best part of HeroWarz’s aesthetic is its flamboyant artwork. Exaggerated character features make everyone look lượt thích they"re dressed to lớn go clubbing until dawn. They’re colorful and iconic, with personality seeping through their ridiculous jewelry & apparel. Characters make themselves known through the missions, và even without paying attention it’s easy to ascertain a sense of their characterization.


HeroWarz is packaged with two movement control schemes: traditional WASD or the Mouse. While I started with my fingers locked on the familiar four I eventually switched and found using the mouse sfar moother. You’ll still need two hands khổng lồ play. Many abilities are locked to lớn the keyboard regardless of the layout. I only made the switch when I learned that some of B’s skills did not proc properly unless using the Mouse, a switch that lead me lớn dish out a guaranteed 30% & up of the overall team damage in a tiệc ngọt of four.

Keyboard bindings are unfortunately not customizable. It would have been neat to play solely with a mouse given enough buttons. Options, in general, are rather limited. There is very little wiggle room for the graphics và camera. I sorely wanted khổng lồ freely zoom in and out with the camera, something I did constantly in Ragnarok Online.

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Final Verdict - Good

HeroWarz cuts out all the fat and leaves you with the meat: constant combat in streamlined missions. There’s no slowing down for talent point allocation, meaningless side quests, or drawn out narrative. HeroWarz throws you into the midst of colorful enemies, where a hodgepodge of skills merge in addictive sầu chaos lớn make your viscera excited for more. It’s biggest issue is its launcher; it will undoubtedly scare away players for no discernible reason. If you can stomach a browser plugin và are a người of ARPGs it’s well worth checking out.

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