Despite not being recognized as royalty at the beginning, Historia always acted lượt thích a queen, putting the well-being of others before her own.

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Krista Lenz is a timid, unassuming girl who prefers to lớn hide in the background as much as possible. She joins the Scout Regiment after passing the required training, befriending everyone with her gentle nature. However, Attack on Titan drops a massive bombshell when it is revealed that Krista is actually Historia Reiss, Rod Reiss" illegitimate daughter.

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This plot twist establishes her as the only valid heir to lớn the Paradis throne. Historia retains her humility và candor even after her status is officially recognized, proving that she had always been the true Queen of the Walls.


The training program for future soldiers is a rigorous one. Instructors are uncompromising in their expectations, placing a huge burden on their students" young shoulders. One drill occurs in the middle of a relentless snowstorm.

Daz fails to complete the task và faints in the middle of the exercise, and he would have frozen khổng lồ death if Historia hadn"t taken it upon herself to save his life. Ymir pleads with Historia khổng lồ abandon Daz but eventually agrees khổng lồ help both of them.


Sasha Braus, the charming "Potato Girl" of Attack on Titan, cheekily disobeys Keith Shadis in front of all the other recruits. As a consequence, she is punished with a five-hour lap around the training area.

Sasha is exhausted by the end, so Historia offers her some water & bread lớn ease her friend"s discomfort. Nobody else has the courage to lớn help Sasha, but Historia doesn"t care about the repercussions of her empathy whatsoever.


Several trainees are trapped atop Utgard Castle"s tower when the Beast Titan attacks, leaving them vulnerable khổng lồ a group of marauding nocturnal Pure Titans. Ymir decides to reveal her Jaw Titan size in order to protect everyone, particularly Historia.

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Before Hange Zoë determines Ymir"s fate, Historia begs her superior khổng lồ forgive her best friend, claiming that the latter only wanted khổng lồ save innocent lives. The plea works: Ymir is neither incarcerated nor executed by the Scouts.


The Scouts are attacked by the Female Titan (and various Pure Titans) on the 57th Expedition beyond the Walls. Many of them are killed outright, while others thất bại their lives after putting up an incredible fight against their overpowered enemy.

Historia is comparatively safe during the expedition, but she puts herself in danger after spying a signal flare. She discovers that Jean has been stranded with no way to escape và returns his horse so they could all seek shelter together.

Following Eren"s death và the Rumbling"s cessation, Historia is left behind lớn pick up the political pieces. Her first course of kích hoạt is to ensure the safety of the Scouts và their families, especially those involved in Eren"s defeat.

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Paradis enters an era of relative harmony and stability due to Historia"s sensible administration. Further, she is the first person lớn suggest opening the island up lớn international dialogue, hoping to achieve some kind of peace between her nation & the rest of the world.

Eren requests Historia not to lớn interfere with his ultimate goal, but she flat-out refuses lớn consider the option. She struggles lớn convince him khổng lồ change his mind, stating that he would be destroying millions of lives in his bid for revenge.

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Unfortunately, Eren is far too gone by this point lớn be swayed by her emotional arguments. Instead, he tells Historia that he could perform a memory alteration that would put her mind at ease. She doesn"t take his offer because she knows that history forgotten is history repeated.

Levi earns his name as Humanity"s Strongest Soldier, but he indirectly uses this privilege lớn justify the harsh treatment he metes out lớn his subordinates. Few Scouts have the guts to lớn say anything negative behind his back, let alone khổng lồ his face.

However, Historia"s newfound status ranks her above Captain Levi in Paradis" hierarchy. Her friends (Dimo Reeves in particular) insist that she hit Levi for being a bully, which Historia does, much lớn everyone"s surprise (and glee).

Historia is among the best recruits in the 104th Training Corps, despite her naturally self-effacing personality. Her determination is only part of the reason behind her popularity, with many of her comrades enjoying her company because of her innately kind heart.

After the training program is complete, Historia graduates in the vị trí cao nhất ten of her batch, along with other impressive cadets lượt thích Mikasa, Annie, and Eren.

Historia & Eren are taken khổng lồ a secret location under the Reiss family chapel, where Rod Reiss orders his daughter lớn eat Eren alive. Historia is appalled by her father"s savage demand and dismisses the notion that killing her friend is the answer to their problems.

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She discards the Titan syringe và tries lớn extricate Eren from the chains binding him in place. When Eren whines about his uselessness, Historia doesn"t hesitate lớn smack some sense into him.

Rod Reiss is unable to lớn accept Historia"s decision and takes on the responsibility himself, transforming into the largest Pure Titan ever shown in the story. He inches his way to Wall Sina with unknown intent, forcing the Scouts to take the required measures against his attack.

Eren"s Attack Titan and his companion"s skillful maneuvering combined take Rod Reiss out of the equation once và for all. However, it is Historia"s strike that rings her father"s death knell. She finally declares herself to be the once & future Queen of the Walls in front of her people.

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