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Updated August 8, 2021 | Honkai Impact 3rd (play free on PC here) laid the groundwork for what would become one of the greatest games of 2020 and following years. That game is Genshin Impact, miHoYo"s stunning action RPG hit. That doesn"t mean Honkai Impact 3rd is a thing of the past – the anime sci-fi RPG remains extremely popular and is frequently updated with interesting events and exciting crossovers, such as the Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration. With so many exciting battlesuits to unlock, adding great new tactics to your roster – not to mention the amazing art style and fan service from the playable waifus -, you need tons of resources to enhance their battle power. This is made easier as miHoYo frequently releases new redeem codes for anyone to use, so here is our extremely useful Honkai Impact 3rd redemption codes list.

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Honkai Impact 3rd Redemption Codes Guide


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Honkai Impact 3rd codes will gift you with tons of different and valuable in-game items, and sometimes you may even get an outfit if you"re lucky. Considering that outfits are probably the most coveted type of item in this game, you shouldn"t let the opportunity slide.

That being said, crystals are what players need the most, so it"s a good thing that they are abundant in coupon codes, as you can see in our Honkai Impact 3rd redemption codes list below – these codes are for the Global version only, keep that in mind.

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EUUYGC4WRF (redeem code for 200 Crystals)XAPAGQSMKHJ7 (redeem code for 60 Crystals, 500 Asterite)ICHLIEBEIDCH (redeem code for x1 SSS Trial Card Option, x1 Starless Rift, 9999 Mithrils)BSPBHRS5KY33WSNSZRA4JZ3FSEELECUTE (redeem for Herrscher of the Void Trial Card 3-Day, Starless Rift Costume, Mithril x9999)GMUGGG2X7X (redeem for 150 Crystals)WUUEHCKWMX (redeem for 60 Crystals)GMUGHCLS5X (Update 4.7 livestream April 17, 2021 – 60 Crystals)ELUY8G2T9P (Update 4.7 livestream April 17, 2021 – 60 Crystals)YVUGGCJX9X (60 Crystals)GUYW9CKPP7 (80 Crystals)YVYGGGLT37 (for Global servers)GRS68C5PPP (for SEA servers)YUUY8AVW7FEUYYGCMJ7F (60 Crystals)EUUG9AUNP7 (60 Crystals)EVYYHACPMF (60 Crystals)GYW88AVPRFYLUGHAAWKX (White Comet outfit Starless Rift, 3-day Asuka trial card, 9999 Mithrils)WLYW9ASN7F (50 Crystals)GLYW8EUXMP (50 Crystals)GLYGHASP7P (60 Crystals)YUYW8AUW5X (120 Crystals)EUYWGEUT7P (White Comet outfit Starless Rift, 3-day Herrscher of the Void trial card, 9999 Mithrils)

How to Redeem Honkai Impact 3rd Coupon Codes

If you"re a regular Honkai Impact 3rd player, redeeming a code isn"t a secret to you. But new players who want to start the game on the right foot will surely head to the redemption area straight away. So, let"s see how you can claim those valuable gifts.

Launch Honkai Impact 3rdTap your profile picture in the upper left cornerIn the new screen, go to the Account tab (on the right)Find the Exchange Rewards option and enter your redemption codeTap Get to validate your codeIf it was a working code, the rewards will be sent to you immediately

These Honkai Impact 3rd codes should work both for PC and mobile, and the redeeming process is identical. MiHoYo released the PC version in December 2019, bringing improvements to the original Android and iOS release such as enhanced graphics, faster loading times, and a slightly revamped UI.

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