Limida dành cho huawei honor note 10 ốp điện thoại, vỏ bọc silicon từ tính vỏ cứng vòng kim loại

According lớn all the major market research firms, Samsung"s nói qua in the stagnating điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh industry dipped during the first three months of 2019 compared to lớn the same period last year. Unfortunately for the global market leader, this decline started a while ago & the early success of the impressive Galaxy S10 lineup couldn"t reverse an upsetting trend.

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But the latest preliminary Kantar report suggests Samsung"s numbers may have bounced back between April and June, & that"s all thanks to... Donald Trump. Bet you never expected to read something like that just a few months ago. It"s undeniably true, though, that Huawei"s incredible growth was stopped in its tracks by a shocking ban, followed by a confusing series of events, statements, và negotiations that are still unfolding, striking fear into the hearts of everyday mobile tech consumers that simply want a phone with full access lớn the Play Store, other Google apps and services, & of course, Facebook.
While it seems the Chinese tech giant didn"t have a backup plan after all, never intending lớn replace app android with its in-house Hongmeng platform, the very fact the company has confessed to this little bluff following so many bombastic statements suggests the political tensions are indeed subsiding. All signs are pointing in the right direction for Huawei in terms of being allowed to vì business with Google và key parts suppliers again, so there"s almost a zero chance now the Mate 30 family will be delayed or released with any sort of apk alternative on the software side of things.

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Perhaps more importantly, the Galaxy chú ý 10 lacks the wow factor that made the Huawei Mate 20 Pro shine so bright last year, as well as any meaningful innovation or truly outstanding new feature. For crying out loud, the three cameras on the back of the small variant were recently described by a reliable leaker as identical to the ones on the Galaxy S10+. That"s not necessarily a bad thing, but if the S10 lineup couldn"t help Samsung significantly widen the gap lớn Huawei during the latter"s worst quảng bá crisis in its history, something tells us an extra S Pen, faster charging, & a relocated screen hole won"t be enough to lớn fend off a reborn challenger to lớn the crown.
On the bright side, that means we can already start looking forward khổng lồ the Galaxy S11, which is rumored lớn bring significant camera upgrades lớn the table. Add the tai nghe jack và microSD support back, Samsung, và you might stand a chance khổng lồ retain the crown Trump handed you on a silver platter this year.


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