Xayah tft hyper roll build guide set 7

Tiaan here, a Challenger player in every set và currently hovering around Rank #100 in EUW.

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Shredder is a comp that has popped up after the latest patch and it has gained immense popularity in high ELO in a very short time. It is incredibly effective at dealing with Vanguards due to lớn Last Whisper being Xayah’s #1 vi xử lý core item, and with Poppy being so prevalent in this meta, it is a solid anti-meta comp.


Simple playstyle – it’s hard lớn get lost when you only need khổng lồ pick up three units early-game & then try khổng lồ 3* all of themVery early power spike – if you hit your units you’ll win streak for a long time after 3-2Strong anti-meta comp – Xayah with Last Whisper shreds through Vanguards which are extremely prevalent in this meta


Single target carry – Xayah, your main carry, can only hit one unit at a time which means she takes a while to cut through teamsInconsistent roll down – Your roll down can kết thúc in one of two things, you hit a few 3*s & you win streak for a long time, or you vì chưng not & you’re left with a crippled economy và a weak board


Carousel Priority

First CarouselGloveBowSwordVestTear, Cloak, Belt, Rod

For future carousels, focus on Xayah until she has two offensive và a defensive item.

Key Items


Defensive: QSS > GA > Trap Claw

This comp is a little different in the fact that you only have one real carry to itemize but I’ll go over some other good items to put on the other units that you 3*.

Jarvan IV
Items: ZZ’Rot = Bramble Vest = Redemption > Ionic Spark > Frozen Heart

Basically any good general use tank items can be put on your frontline.

Items: Shojin > Morello > Tank Items


Early game (Stage 1 và 2)

This is a hyper roll comp so don’t buy any XP before 3-2.

You want khổng lồ keep the four chip core units in the comp around at all times, especially when you’re getting contested. Xayah, Fiora, Jarvan IV, and Caitlyn are to be kept at all times. The early trò chơi is quite simple, all you want to do is play your strongest board, without sacrificing econ, and pick up all the bộ vi xử lý core units you can. 


This is the ideal màn chơi 5 board so try khổng lồ play something lượt thích this at level 4 minus the Jarvan ideally. If you don’t have these units early then just try to lớn play 2 Vanguard frontline with Xayah in the back, or consider Space Pirates by adding Darius và Graves as your frontline.

Mid game (Stage 3 & 4)


This is your final mid game comp. You can replace Ashe with Xin Zhao or Rakan if you can’t find her. I’ll start this section off with the roll down after Krugs, first explaining hyper rolling.

Hyper rolling is one of the rolling strategies in TFT. It has been in around for a long time, but this is the first time it has been meta in this set, due to lớn the changes in champion odds và the buffs lớn various 3* 1 cost units. It consists of saving up all of your gold until 3-1, where you roll down at level 4 khổng lồ try and 3* a select few 1 cost units.

It’s effective because it costs so little to lớn 3* a 1 cost unit that you can often hit multiple of them in a roll down, or at least get very close. It’s particularly effective because you roll down right after a PvE round, where you get an additional round to econ up và potentially get gold drops.

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There are some nuances to hyper rolling, và you need khổng lồ gauge if you need lớn go down to lớn 0 gold or not. If you’re extremely close lớn 3*ing Xayah then it might be worth it khổng lồ go all in to find the last one you’re looking for, if you only have 5 Xayahs and you only have 15 gold left, then you should probably stop and gather more gold before rolling down a second time at level 5.

When you’re hyper rolling there are times where you have too many units on your bench. Here is the priority of units you want lớn keep in case you need to sell any khổng lồ make space.

Xayah > Jarvan IV> Fiora > Caitlyn > Shen

You need Kassadin, Rakan, và Ashe for this comp but I don’t think it’s worth picking them up during the first roll down unless you hit everything else already. Also, cảnh báo that you’re not typically looking for 3* Shen but picking up a 2* Shen is fairly important.

After you’re done rolling down you’ll typically find yourself in one of three situations.

You hit multiple 3*s.You’re very close khổng lồ a lot of 3*s, maybe hitting one.You’re quite far off some 3*s.

If you find yourself in Case 1 then congratulations, you’re probably going to be cruising lớn an easy đứng đầu 4. Econ back up to above 50g and use your leftover gold to cấp độ up, slowly adding in relevant synergies.

Cases 2 và 3 are where inexperienced players typically make their biggest mistake. When you don’t hit everything you bởi vì not continue rolling every round, you need lớn build up money again or you’re killing your chances at getting stronger late game. Save up gold again until 4-1, where you’ll make your second roll down attempt to lớn finish off your 3*s.

Late trò chơi (Stage 5+)

Late game starts after your second roll down (if you needed to lớn roll down again) where you have all your 3*s and are now preparing to showroom more units lớn your comp. You need to lớn have a good econ at this stage until level 8 where you can complete your comp. 

If you are win streaking và you have enough gold, you can slow roll for Kassadin, Shen và Rakan 3* at màn chơi 7 before going level 8. However, getting to level 8 is fairly important for this comp as 4 Celestial is a big power nguồn spike.

Rakan is the next best after your six main units, because of his CC and Protector trait. Kassadin is the best 8th unit because of his insane utility & the fact that you don’t need Xin Zhao for Protector anymore. If you can get your hands on a Lulu 2* then swap her in for Kassadin.

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