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Knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself before you began taking classes?

When I got into I was so excited. I forgot the feeling of my own fear và insecurities that I previously let get in the way of my professional development và personal growth. If I could go back, I’d tell myself that I am more than enough to lớn be a part of and to be a part of the incredible student body it has. Most importantly, I would tell myself to jump in fearlessly because there will be people there to lớn catch you. I am so grateful to lớn be a part of and to be surrounded by professors & students who are so supportive and have taught me so much about the truyền bá industry. I wouldn’t want khổng lồ be anything other than a student.

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What is your dream job?

My dream job(s) would either be working at Marvel as a PR/Communications Director, or at Vogue as a PR/Communications Director. I would also love lớn run my own PR/AD agency once I have built up enough experience in the working world post-graduation. My friends always joke that I’d be the one to be a CEO one day & they helped me see a dream I didn’t even know could exist for me. Who knows what the future holds & what dreams will become reality, but I’m excited to find out.

How bởi you think students are chất lượng compared to other majors on campus?

I think what makes us chất lượng is that we truly are a community. We are all interconnected with each other whether it’s on social media, group chats, or in class. I have seen and experienced how we all support each other when it comes to lớn creating projects, helping each other work on resumes và cover letters, finding internships, and succeeding together as professionals. Yes, deep down we all know at the kết thúc of the day we are all each other’s competition but that doesn’t get in the way of our compassion for each other and willingness to help each other out.

What is your favorite part of working for Talking Dog Agency?

I am an trương mục Executive for Talking Dog Agency. I am essentially the main point of contact for my client, và I serve as my team’s leader. My team và I got to lớn work with Nebo Agency on an in-house campaign called Rescue Pledge this year. It’s been amazing to watch each of my team members flourish in their roles and constantly put their best foot forward as professionals. It’s hard to pinpoint one favorite thing for my job because my entire experience has been phenomenal. I have the honor of working with a team of such talented & kind girls. Having a basis of friendship is what really makes us strong. My favorite thing about the agency itself is the community it brings. We are all a giant family, và I love that I got the chance to be a part of this community within the overall community at

How have you prepared for the shift to lớn online classes?

I have tried to incorporate my schedule I had on campus to lớn my work from home life. On a day-to-day basis, after I have my morning coffee, I kiểm tra my emails and then dive into my assignments for the day. I take breaks every 2-3 hours to lớn walk around my house, eat some food, or just take a breather và get my eyes off the computer screen. I try lớn wrap up my schoolwork by 4:30p.m. Because I lượt thích to workout at 5:30p.m. Every day. Although, the zoom office hours for my classes are optional, I still kiểm tra in so I can cảm ứng basis with my professors on our assignments, as well as to see how they’re doing through this crazy time.

I am a huge planner & someone who needs structure in their life. I had to make sure to lớn structure my life with these changes, so I don’t get lazy and miss assignments. Creating a schedule I know I can maintain without losing sleep or adding găng tay into my life has been the major key in preparing for online classes. I personally don’t vì well with online instruction. I would much rather be in a classroom with my professors, but my schedule has allowed me khổng lồ prepare myself for success và push through the end of this semester.

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Imam (right) works with her Talking Dog Agency team. (Photo: Submitted)What has done khổng lồ make the transition easier?

The reassuring messages from faculty members saying that we will all get through this together have been very uplifting. My teachers have constantly checked in via email and have made sure I’m on the same page as them in regards to lớn shifting khổng lồ online classes. Having professors who care và want you khổng lồ succeed no matter the circumstance has made the transition a lot easier and less stressful than I thought it would be.

What will you miss most about being at every day?

Definitely the people and just seeing everyone on the daily. I miss walking into and feeling the positivity radiating the building. I already miss my classmates, my agency family, my team, my professors and campus. I know this time apart is difficult, but I know we’ll all come out of it stronger and the reunion will be one for the books.

Favorite quote?

“What makes you different or weird, that’s your strength” -Meryl Streep

Proudest moment in the past year?

My proudest moment was getting into Talking Dog as an tài khoản Executive. I put a lot of effort into my application và interview prep, & I felt confident after my interview. I wasn’t sure if I was going khổng lồ be given my vị trí cao nhất choice for positions because it is such a heavy role & I had little experience for it. However, when I got the news that I made it as an tài khoản Executive it made my entire year.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

I love watching The Bachelor franchise. I always used khổng lồ make fun of it and then my senior year of high school I got sucked in. I sometimes hate that I love it so much và how invested in it I can get.

Morning person or night owl?

Is there a way lớn be both because I am for sure both. Since I live such a structured life I lượt thích to take advantage of the day and start early. I schedule my classes và meetings lớn be as early as possible, right after a morning workout. However, I tend to lớn stay up late doing work or binging shows on Netflix. I’m not sure how I manage lớn get up early the next morning, but that’s just how I function at this point.

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