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"I just started using binhphap.vn, but it"s difficult lớn adjust voices..." "The flow between syllables sounds unnatural." "I want to make a tuy vậy covering a wide range of tones!" binhphap.vn™3 Library IA is a Voice Bank that solves these kinds of issues.

* This article was translated inlớn English from the Japanese version .

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binhphap.vn™3 Library IA, characterized by its clear singing voice known as the crystal voice, has a wide range of recommended tones & tempos, allowing for a variety of vocal approaches from ballads và pop to dance music và rock. The voice flows naturally & can be easily adjusted, earning popularity with binhphap.vn beginners.

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The appkết thúc Voice Bank IA ROCKS enables more powerful singing expressions preserving IA"s clarity. By blending some vocal impurities, such as a strong attaông xã on consonants và breath noises, with certain adjustments, we achieved the right balance between clarity và power. This Voice Bank is perfect for heavier songs.

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Spec of IA & IA ROCKS


IA: Language: Japanese , Voice Gender: Female IA ROCKS: Language: Japanese , Voice Gender: Female

See the IA"s Official Movies

Shooting Star / TeddyLoid feat. IA

On July 4, năm ngoái, IA"s first live concert in North America for Anime Expo 2015 was held. To commemorate IA"s first live sầu concert in North America, they were releasing the full version of IA"s latest music video clip.

Circuit DISCO / Kazuya Komatsu

See popular IA và IA ROCKS songs here!

Kuusou Forest

Other version of super popular song Souzou Forest by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P), which reached 2 million copies sold in 2013. Aren"t the lyrics about a dreaming Medusa fantastic và cute?


Collaboration with the SUPER GT car race! This was included in the IA x SUPER GT compilation album, CiRCUiT BEATS- SUPER GT 20th Anniversary, which went on sale in 2013.

Setsumãng cầu Drive sầu by Yoshimitsu Taki

Yoshimitsu Taki, guitarist for the popular roông chồng band, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, helped create this roông chồng tune. It was included in the compilation album, IA/03 -VISION-.

Overcloông chồng / feat. IA ROCKS

Super popular song by Neru. It was included in the compilation album, IA/03 -VISION-.

binhphap.vn™3 Library IA & IA ROCKS download version are now available at binhphap.vn SHOP!

IA and IA ROCKS are Voice Bank products & cannot be used stand-alone; separate editor software such as the binhphap.vn4 Editor (Windows only) or binhphap.vn4 Editor for Cubase is required.

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