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One Piece: 10 Strongest Pirates Imprisoned In Impel Down Known as "The Great Underwater Prison," Impel Down is the largest prison in the One Piece world. Here are its strongest prisoners.

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Known as "The Great Underwater Prison," Impel Down is the largest prison in the One Piece world where criminals of all sorts were imprisoned, including the most heinous of pirates. This prison is a part of the three greathử nghiệm strongholds of the World Government, with Enies Lobby và New Marineford being the other two.

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Some of the most powerful pirates in the series found their way to lớn Impel Down and during the Great Prison Outbreak shortly before the Summit War, most of them broke out. Here are the 10 strongest pirates khổng lồ ever get imprisoned in Impel Down.

Famed as the Corrupt King throughout the entirety of the South Blue, Avalo Pizarro was caught & brought lớn Impel Down at an unknown time. During Blackbeard"s attaông xã on the prison, he was finally freed & he ended up joining his crew.

After Blackbeard"s rise khổng lồ the Yonko spot, Pizarro came khổng lồ be known as the leader of the Fourth ship of Blackbeard, which goes lớn show that the Yonko has a lot of trust in hyên ổn and his abilities.

Devon, also known by the epithet of Crescent Moon Hunter, was locked up in Impel Down Level 6, just like Avalo Pizarro. She"s known to lớn be the most dangerous female pirate in the history of One Piece, which solidifies her reputation as one of the strongest in the series.

Devon is the captain of the sixth ship of the Blackbeard Pirates. She"s also a user of the Mythical Zoan Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune which allows her to lớn transsize into a nine-tailed fox và take on the appearance of anyone.

One of the former Shichibukai, Crocodile was arrested & thrown in Impel Down after the events of the Alabasta Saga of One Piece. Being a tremendously dangerous pirate, Crocodile was locked up in cấp độ 6 of the prison.

With the powers of the Logia type Sumãng cầu Sumãng cầu no Mi, Crocodile was a massive threat to lớn nearly anyone who stood in his path. It goes without saying that he"s amuốn the strongest lớn have been imprisoned in Impel Down.

7 Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy broke into lớn Impel Down lớn save his brother, Portgas D. Ace from being executed at the hands of the World Government. After facing Magellan, Luffy was tossed inkhổng lồ Impel Down level 5 & later sentenced to a màn chơi 6 sentence.

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Thanks lớn help from Bon Clay and Ivankov, Luffy ended up recovering from Magellan"s poison quite quickly và broke out of the prison successfully, leading a massive army of prisoners with hyên ổn.

Also known as Knight of the Sea, Jinbe is a former Shichibukai, just lượt thích Crocodile. He was thrown in Impel Down upon refusing lớn ally with the World Government for the Summit War.

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With a bounty of 438 million berries, Jinbe is an incredible pirate who is skilled in the ways of Fishman Karate, and also is an adept user of Haki. Evidently, a man of his stature was locked up in Impel Down cấp độ 6 as well & he broke out thanks to help from Luffy.

5 Shiryu

Also known as Shiryu of the Rain, he was the former Head Jailer of Impel Down who was locked up due to massacring prisoners for fun. In terms of strength, Shiryu was said lớn be on par with Magellan, the Warden of the prison.

After Blackbeard"s attaông xã on Impel Down, Shiryu decided lớn abandon his job and join the Blackbeard Pirates.

Portgas D. Ace was the Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates và one of Whitebeard"s strongest men. Ace was defeated by Blackbeard & handed over khổng lồ the Navy, which eventually boiled down to lớn the Summit War.

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He"s known khổng lồ be the most troublesome pirate to be ever imprisoned in Impel Down. His strength as the Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates is enough khổng lồ see hyên take this spot on the danh sách.

3 Donquixote Doflamingo

Renowned as the Heavenly Detháng, Doflamingo is the former Captain of the Donquixote Pirates and one of the former Shichibukai as well. After being defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, Doflamingo was thrown in Impel Down màn chơi 6.

Being a proficient user of all Haki types, along with having the Awakened powers of the Ito Ito no Mi, Doflamingo is svào enough lớn take the 3rd spot on the danh mục.

Also known as the Demon Heir, Douglas Bullet was once a member of the Roger Pirates who left the crew just after serving on it for 3 years. After Roger"s capture, Bullet was taken down and thrown inlớn Impel Down, where he built up his strength và awakened his Devil Fruit.

His powers were said lớn be on par with Rayleigh baông xã in the day & in the current timeline, around the level of a Yonko.

1 Shiki

Shiki is the strongest known pirate khổng lồ ever be imprisoned in Impel Down. His strength was comparable khổng lồ the likes of Roger và Whitebeard, making hyên an elite pirate of the sea.

The Golden Lion attacked Marineford after news of Roger"s execution broke out và took on Sengoku, Garp, along with several other Marines all by himself. After destroying half of Marineford, Shiki was finally imprisoned in Impel Down.

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