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Shaming penalties privatize both the determination of the severity of the sanction and the infliction of the sanction.
These negative reactions may in turn lead to the infliction of (justified or unjustified) privately inflicted sanctions such as social stigmatization và isolation.
Yet, in contrast to lớn the instrumental justification, there are normative constraints that preclude the infliction of sanctions by agents other than the state.
The successful infliction of punishments (or at least some types of punishments) hinges upon the identity of the agent who performs it.
Second, there is development from infliction of harm on relatives và peers lớn infliction of harm on strangers.
There is the punishment of loss & an infliction of experiential suffering that accompanies the judgement.
I think that the intuition that nothing could justify the infliction of a horrendous evil is correct, with one possible amendment.
This links, it will be argued, is indispensable lớn the legitimacy of the infliction of criminal sanctions triggered by violating state-issued prohibitions.
It is impermissible on the part of the state khổng lồ authorize, encourage, or initiate the infliction of sanctions in the absence of such a link.
The act of paying is perhaps the most unfortunate infliction that the two orchard thieves entailed upon us.
Yet we are much more likely khổng lồ consider gratuitous inflictions of negative sầu emotional states as involving conflicts with, or the suppression of, our natures.

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Two recent initiatives khổng lồ privatize the infliction of sanctions, namely, shaming penalties & private prisons, illustrate the relevance of this conclusion lớn contemporary controversies.
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