Apple releases ios 11


Judging by the amount of annoyed DMs & emails I"ve sầu gotten so far today, most of you havespent a lot of time staring at your iPhone,trying khổng lồ psychically will Apple to lớn open up iPhone X pre-approvals. I don"t know what the hold up was (iPhone X pre-approvals are now available through the Apple Store app), but maybe it was because the kids from Cupertino were busy putting the wraps on one last Public Beta release.

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That"s right, Public Beta 5 dropped just three days after Public Beta 4.A quiông chồng perusal of the release notes shows thatthis betais bug-focused. The next release should be in a couple of days and will be the Gold Master of iOS 11.1 that will ship with the iPhone X early next month.

If you"re currently beta testing iOS 11.1, go to lớn Settings > General > Software Update and download the lachạy thử right now. You"ll be rewarded with a more stable iDevice. For those of you who aren"t testing and maybe want khổng lồ dip a toe in to so that you can use all those cool iOS 11.1 emojis, here"s your crash course in how khổng lồ be an Apple Betanaut.

Head over lớn https://beta.táo and use your Apple ID lớn create a beta trương mục (if you don’t already have one fromlast year"s iOS 10 program). Even though iOS 11 is out, iOS 11.1 is beta softwareand Apple makes it extremely clear in the agreement you scroll past on the way to theAgree button thatit can bởi anything up lớn & including bricking your device & corrupting your data.

Before you tải về the beta client, takeadvantage of the Archive tool for iOS backups in iTunes. Plug in your phone & clichồng the Back UpNow button. That way, you"ll have sầu one last stable backup that won’t get overwritten. If you end up having to restore your iPhone, you"ll need your backup khổng lồ get back on traông chồng.

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To restore your iPhone from a backup if necessary, turn off your iPhone, hold down the trang chủ button and plug it in lớn your computer. If you have an iPhone 7 or 8, you"ll need khổng lồ press và hold the Lock/Wakebutton & then the Volume Down button simultaneously (since the Home button is virtual). When the Connect khổng lồ iTunes screen displays, head over lớn iTunes và follow the steps lớn restore your archivedbackup.

Remember, any time you want, you can hop off the beta release train by deleting your beta profile. But if you bởi vì it before an iOS 11 update, you"ll be stuck with your current software unless you restore from a backup. Keep that in mind before installing beta software on your main iDevice.

Wondering what you need lớn watch out for when beta testing? Read my "Three Things" guide.


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