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Iron Man 3: The Official game was one of Marvel"s strangest products, but time may not have been kind to lớn this early tie-in mobile game.

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Whether it"s been on the big screen or in your local comic story, Marvel has always been known for its classic stories and compelling characters, and its đoạn clip games are no different. With so many new games being announced, it might be time to talk about one of its older releases, Iron Man 3: The Offical Game.

Iron Man 3: The Official Game was created in 2013 by developer Gameloft, & unlike most other games about Marvel properties, this game was a mobile-exclusive title. It makes sense that a trò chơi would be developed for the Iron Man 3 movie since it was well-received by fans, but it is strange khổng lồ see a mobile movie game. That being said, many games based on blockbuster hits usually don"t hold up so well. USA Today claimed that the trò chơi was "meh," và while it might be worth a tải về for comic book lovers, it might not be for people looking for chất lượng gameplay.


Similar khổng lồ many other sản phẩm điện thoại games created at the time (Temple Run, for example), Iron Man 3: The Official Game is an "endless runner" type game. This means that each level will continue until the player takes too much damage. Iron Man will fly through a set course, gathering collectibles, shooting mines, và dodging obstacles until he takes too much damage. Originally players would dodge by swiping the screen, which was problematic because they also had to lớn shoot enemies with the same mechanic. This issue was eventually changed in an update which allowed Iron Man to lớn move by players tilting their devices.

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Unlike other endless runner games, this one was 3D. Tony Stark moved around the screen as if he were flying through a city. The graphics are vivid & bright, and the controls were so fluid that it felt you were truly in control. One of the key features of the game was that players could choose from 18 unlockable Iron Man suits, designs for which were taken directly from the movie. More designs were added as the game developed.

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The story takes place directly after the events of the movie, with Tony Stark seeking out the remaining elements of A.I.M. Throughout the game, Tony Stark runs into some of his comic book enemies: Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser, & Ezekiel Stane. Fans might recognize these characters as being familiar enemies from Iron Man comics, similar khổng lồ the final boss, M.O.D.O.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing). As it turns out, M.O.D.O.K. Has replicated himself and hacked into the Stark Industries mainframe. Khổng lồ win, Stark has lớn rebuild the War Machine suits và save the kidnapped Pepper before he destroys the hacked mainframe và creates a whole new one, renaming it "Stark Resilient."

The biggest issue that fans had with the trò chơi was its microtransactions. Lượt thích many di động games, this one was free-to-play but easier to play with money. Upgrades khổng lồ each Iron Man suit allowed players to survive longer in each level. Players could earn in-game currency for collecting items or defeating enemies. They could then use their earnings lớn upgrade their weapons & armor or could be paid upgrades with real money.

Marvel is known for its large franchises & crossovers. Seeing characters from comics make it into other truyền thông is exactly what keeps fans coming back. While this trò chơi might have gone dark for now, it was very similar khổng lồ other games made at this time and acted as a jumping-off point for Marvel"s mobile games.

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