Can we expect 'it chapter 3' in 2022?


While "It: Chapter Two" had a fulfilling conclusion, Bill Skarsgård thinks there could be more life left in Pennywise.

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It: Chapter 3 has been on just about everybody"s mind, and we may actually be saying "Hiya!" sooner than later, so long as it"s up to Bill Skarsgård that is. The actor made it clear he wants to get back into that creepy clown costume a little too much for our liking.

Out of all Stephen King"s monsters, Pennywise from It is hands down the creepiest, however, thankfully, after two very long and anxiety-fueled films, the character was killed, never khổng lồ return to wreak havoc on the children of Derry, or so we thought!

Given Skarsgård"s way, though, he would make a third film, và he knows exactly how it would go. Here"s everything that Bill Skarsgård has said about the potential It: Chapter Three. 

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Updated on May 9, 2021, by Michael Chaar: The It horror franchise came khổng lồ an over back in 2019, which has led fans khổng lồ wonder whether they can expect an It: Chapter 3. While Bill Skarsgård has been hoping for a third installment, it doesn"t appear lớn be happening. Although a third film is off the table, it appears as if Skarsgård and the film director, Andy Muschietti would be xuất hiện to the idea of a Pennywise "spin-off" highlighting the villain"s origin story, since he was truly killed off following Stephen King"s second book, hence why fans believe if a spin-off were lớn happen, it would be a before story rather than after.

It was interesting to see that for once in Hollywood It wasn"t going to lớn be like every other franchise that stretches its stories into tons of sequels, however, what was made was all that could be made, or was it? Many fans of the franchise have been calling for an It: Chapter 3, and they aren"t the only ones.

Skarsgård wants there to lớn be a third film, given the right circumstances. Thinking like most producers nowadays, the actor believes a prequel within the same universe will be fitting, however, could a third installment genuinely come lớn fruition?

He told Entertainment Weekly before It: Chapter Two premiered that he"d love to lớn get back into the character again, but that the "approach" would have to be just right.

"It <It: Chapter 3> would have khổng lồ be the right type of approach to it," Skarsgård said. "The book ends where the second movie ends, so that is the final chapter of this story. There is this interesting aspect of going back in time before all this happened," he went on.

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The actor went on khổng lồ mention how it could be fun lớn create a brand new story outside of the book, saying it would be a "freestanding story, but obviously within the same universe. So, there might be something interesting out of it. I think it would be fun," he finished.

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The source material might not have been bled dry for what would be necessary for an It: Chapter 3.

As far as the movies go, there was a scene in It: Chapter Two that could be a good jumping-off point for a third prequel film. Even though we know that the old woman who terrorizes Beverly was Pennywise, those photos that are in her house could connect Chapter Two to lớn a prequel.

We don"t know if they were real photos or just a part of the story that Pennywise was telling as the old woman, but it was interesting seeing a makeup-free Pennywise. Did he actually have a daughter? Could this be an idea for a third film?

Well, an It: Chapter 3 isn"t happening. Despite King"s novel hinting at a time pre-Pennywise, it really doesn"t appear as if the film is going lớn happen.

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No one outside of Bill has commented on a third film, and considering the books do, in fact, come khổng lồ an end, many believe that it would be disrespectful to Stephen King to carry on with Pennywise despite King having killed him off after the second book.

Although a third movie might not be coming to life, that doesn"t mean Pennywise is gone forever. While King"s books have come to fruition on the big screen, many are calling for a Pennywise series, or "spin-off", if you will.

Last year, the director of both It movies, Andy Muschietti teased that a Pennywise spin-off could really happen. While there are some "ideas floating around" it seems as if It: Chapter Three won"t be a thing for a while!

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