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In front of the screen, Jaehyun is a shy & unremarkable student. Behind the screen, he is known as the popular hacker Mad Hatter, sought by the police. A new mission can change his life, probably forever.

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Tags angst fluff hyunjin ren nuest collegeau bangchan jren seventeen jeonghan scoups jeongcheol straykids hyunchan
Characters Yoon Jeonghan, Choi Seungcheol, Hwang Hyunjin, Bang Chan, Choi Minki, Klặng Jonghyun, Sowon, seventeen, straykids, nuest, got7

Have you met the Tres Marias of Han university?They"re the definition of out of this world beauty!Let"s enroll to Han university! I want to lớn see those beauties in person.Need khổng lồ study hard for the entrance exam. We need to lớn pass so we could meet the Tres Marias!Graduating high school students looking for good uni were always curious about the Tres Marias of Han university.Others thought it was just a myth, others claims that they already sees them in person và all the rum

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The story of a pretty intern who joined a company full of hot guys with their own uniqueness. Choi Minki had never imagined how complex his life would be before joining Nu"ble Company, where he met his childhood frikết thúc Hwang Minhyun, the real man Kang Baekho, an attractive LA guy Kwak Aron, & his highschool sweetheart Kim Jonghyun.

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Hwang Minhyun has been living beside the ever famous twin duo ever since they had all turned 10. The two"s family had moved in and ever since then, they had unintentionally become friends because of house visits và the fact that they go to the same school too. Now at the age of 16 where love sầu starts to bloom or hearts start to shatter, Minhyun is suddenly enlightened with the fact that his two childhood friends might have a little more than just friendly feelings towards hyên ổn.

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Characters bang yongguk kyên himchan zelo jongup daehyun ljoe cap ricky bang minsoo chunji changjo sungjin jae dowoon brian wonpil rap monter jin jimin jhope V suga jungkook niel jr ren aron minhyun baekhyo
Tags arrangedmarriage nuest jren unrequitedlove baekmin jbaek slowburn wannaone sideongniel pastminron onesidedjbaek onghwangisbestfriends

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